Monday, April 9, 2012

A Dream Come True....

in August, 2011 a premier group of travel professionals, the ones catering to the luxury 
market, met in Las Vegas.
they had much to discuss as they had awards to present to various categories
of hotels worldwide.

The Hotel of the Year Award
went to
The Cipriani Hotel in Venice, Italy
& no one was surprised.

this is the arrival dock of the hotel, this is your 1st glimpse of this acclaimed
establishment.  as a young woman I read about the Cipriani in some glossy magazine
& the thought of actually going there never left my head. 
 and this was long before it was in the budget.

Hotel Cipriani, Venice, Italy

Some rank this Orient Express hotel as the best hotel in Europe, let alone Venice.

 "It’s a world-class resort.''  "It’s a world-class hotel.'' How many times have you read, or said, these words?  "World-class’ is perhaps the most overworked word in the travel world’s vocabulary,
What actually makes a great world-class hotel?  More than well-designed bricks, glass, and steel, more than “location, location, location'', the quintessential world-class hotel exudes distinctive character, unique personality, consistently superb service and the ability to stand the test of time. 
 The true world-class hotel will have you saying “I must return''.

Hotel Cipriani, Venice, Italy

the absolute best place for lunch, poolside, at the olympic-sized pool.
when I was there the flowers were blooming profusely and overflowed every container.

my husband didn't want to sit exactly next to the pool for fear he could get wet.  :)'s
there was no one in the pool, but he was worried about his attire.

I didn't worry about a thing, except what I was wearing to dinner that night.

Hotel Cipriani, Venice, Italy

the "dining hall" for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries.

I didn't see this room.  sad to say.

"Palladio" Suite Sitting Room above

"Palladio" Bedroom below

Hotel Cipriani, Venice, Italy

if you have a chance to go there for lunch, be sure to make reservations, it will
be a thrill for your entire party.

this is the place of dreams.
the place where movie stars, royalty & tycoons roam around freely,
knowing they won't meet anyone unlike them.

except for this woman whose husband wanted to give a gift I had dreamed of all my life.

& yes, it was worth every penny for the ONE night we spent there.
& for me this was enough.

what did I wear at the Cipriani tomorrow.



  1. this got me dreaming of Venice, but there is a fabulous Hotel I prefer, Hotel Gritti Palace, which is just sublime! Its under renovation at the moment.

  2. Oh Marsha... I did not get to visit when I was in Venice but would love to. I am giggling as it is just the thing that I would do, stay somewhere that I have always wanted to experience just for one night! I bet every moment was worth it and I am so thrilled that you shared this beautiful place with us! Venise is just the most enchanting place so I can just imagine throwing this in to the mix must have been heaven!



  3. I second that this is the place of dreams. We got the good fortune of staying there ourselves about 10 years ago and what a memorable trip it was....just amazing in every way. True old world glamour with the history of such a fascinating place made for a truly priceless visit. Love the pictures, it brought it all back........hope alls well!

  4. It certainly looks like a dream come true, Marsha, and one to remember for a lifetime.
    XO Victoria

  5. Oh wow, Marsha, a dream indeed. What a gorgeous place and a dear of a husband to take you. Love the lunch spot next to the fabulous pool - heaven!!

  6. This brings back great menories. I have been at that very table over looking Saint Marks.
    Sure glad I went. Have a fabulous Day.
    Don' answer the phone,
    go to a flower market or the
    movies. That's my agenda for today.
    Ahh!! Spring is here and the birds are singing.
    Enjoy every day that's left.

  7. aww sweet Marsha, you just made my soul travel... what a GORGEOUS, unique experience and thanks for sharing!

  8. I've been to Venice a couple of times--actually both day trips from another town, but your invitation to dream of staying at the Hotel Cipriani makes me yearn for one more journey to this beautiful city and a visit to this magical venue.

  9. Absolutely incredible, I hadn't realised it was quite so beautiful. Wonderful photos Marsha XX

  10. The Cipriani looks gorgeous, the "Dining Hall" is divine. Marsha you are such a tease making us wait until tomorrow to see your Hotel Cipriani look. I'm thinking you rocked the molto elegante look!
    Paul x


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