Monday, April 23, 2012

Over the Top

over-the-top could mean literally "up there"

or the way we usually think of it...

this is a
 profusion in Rome


A profusion in Rome. Bougainvillea by Redcipolla.

& this is from the newest issue of Italian Town & Country Magazine



pink magnolia


Can you feel the sentient Consciousness…rosy pink a high Vibration—Imagine smelling rose damascena absolute…


theglitterguide:(via baubles / Cape Cod Collegiate)

& speaking of necklaces....

my NEW web shop is OPEN

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& this is just so totally over-the-top beautiful I had to include the image,
notice the fabric the bracelet is sitting upon, the ribbon inlay which composes the
base of the bracelet, then all the hand-sewn elements, including those little cameos.
I mean, they must have sewn all the beading onto the ribbon, then laid the ribbon down on
the bracelet base.
this must be a museum piece.