Tuesday, April 10, 2012

She's Got IT...

there are 100's of photos of her, some styled, some street-style.

ever notice how she always appears polished?

that's the most difficult aspect to achieve, I think.

her own personal style is faultless, no matter what she has on it looks "right," right?

& she has a beautiful boyfriend and a Maltese !

Olivia Palermo

I would say Olivia and Blake Lively are the 2 girls who always look perfect,
and I think they do it on their own.
I mean, maybe they had mom's who taught them?

they are sleek, elegant, whimsical, fun, fashionable, talented American girls.

I don't think she knows how to dress badly. Olivia Palermo looking amazing in a Mango shirt, Topshop skirt, London Sole shoes and La Perla bag. #oliviapalermo #style #pastels http://bit.ly/H2uXw8

Olivia Palermo rocking silver oxfords. Sigh.

Olivia Palermo  Johannes Huebl

this looks like Bono, my Maltese rock star doggie.

Olivia Palermo