Thursday, April 26, 2012


colorful earrings

made of tiny little tourmaline rondelles & faceted pear-shaped stones,
along with pale green amethyst (prasiolite), the larger stones

a simple little design,
 but one which takes HOURS to make because everything is hand-done,
& each piece is added individually.

this pair will be our "go-by" piece as it's  made in sterling...

& I believe using 14k goldfilled will be just so much more opulent & beautiful.

the finished product will have lever-backs & will be thinner, more linear
& hang about 1" long.

what do you guys think?



  1. the color combination!

  2. Oh my, these are absolutely stunning! It makes me wish that I hadn't let my pierced ears close back up all those years ago!

  3. Gorgeous, Marsha!
    I can't believe I gave away all of my aunts stones from her vintage jewelry. She had jewelry boxes full.
    My ex-husband's ex-wife (haha) wanted them, because she was trying her hand at jewelry making.
    Happy Thursday.

  4. Beautiful!! Love the colors! xx

  5. Marsha, these earrings are FABULOUS; they are really, really beautiful...LOVE THEM!
    Well done!

  6. Love the addition of the larger clear stones, a lovely contrast in size to the beautiful rose and pale greens, which is such a lovely color combo....LOVE them, Well Done!! Shari

  7. Beautiful, juicy colors, perfect for spring!!!!

  8. Gorgeous earrings, love the colors! I want a pair!!

  9. Marsha, These earrings are exquisite and unique which is what I always look for in pieces for my jewelry collection. They are reminiscent of clusters of baby grapes reaching out for the shimmer of the sunshine. I just may have to put them on my birthday wish list. I love your daily posts searching them out in my onslaught of emails each I mentioned to you in a previous email, your blog is my daily is an inspiring little sweet treat that I savor slowly, allowing me to remember what is beautiful, cultivated, and the midst of what might otherwise be a chaotic, whirly twirly day.
    PS> My sister received the beautiful beaded necklace that I ordered from Splenderosa for her birthday. She loves it and cannot stop commenting on the blue shades of the beads.....She plans to wear it all summer with t shirts, sundresses and black at night.
    Hugs and Kisses and Appreciation......Jacqueline Heil

  10. Jacquie, I don't think anyone could receive a more wonderful comment than this one. I will treasure it forever. And, thank you for telling me your sister loves her necklace !!! This is the main truffle for me. Big hug, my friend....


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