Friday, May 4, 2012

It's A Horse Race...

the tradition continues

Keenland in Spring

Midway Horse Farm

growing up, we always had horses.  just ordinary horses, not racehorses like you see here.

horses we could ride around for awhile, then hold out our hands to give them a special treat.

the did not like dill pickles.

once you've fallen in love with horses it stays in your blood forever.

my daughter grew up riding English-saddle, and was planning on being in the
Hunt-Seat class of shows...but then she met boys.

the tradition of these particular horse races is incredible.
everything is very formal in the rarified air,
& everything is wild & crazy on the fences.

the spectacle is not our outfits, it's the horses & the people attendant to them.

like this guy.

Gemologist is still my fav, he's in #15 post position, which is not good, & his odds are 6-1.
it's like buying a lottery ticket, if you don't play you can't win...

so for a few days we can all get our minds off politics & the disasters,
and have a bit of fun, all coming to you from Louisville, Kentucky.

look up Lane's End Farm owned by some of our Houston neighbors,
they're had a good season or two & hosted some amazing guests during this Springtime



  1. Have a wonderful time! Maybe some photos when you retun...?

  2. Marsha,

    Beautiful images...these horses are beautiful and the farms are not bad either.

    I put a link in my post today to your outfit that you mentioned yesterday.

    Have a great weekend, Elizabeth

  3. Marsha, I'll be screaming and shouting on
    Sat with you. I like Gemologist also.
    Wish he was post #1-2.
    It Might be a muddy track.


  4. We spent Tuesday night in Louisville on our way from Louisiana to Northern Indiana. There was excitement in the air there. We heard a lot of "It's Derby Week!". I can't wait to see which dress you chose and all the added accessories. You will definitely be the Belle of the Derby for sure.

    Libby @ Beauty Without Within

  5. So beautiful. A horse is one thing I missed out on. My sister had a beautiful horse, but I was afraid of him, that and I didn't want to clean the stalls, lol!
    Have fun!
    Happy Friday.

  6. Remember that Cinco de Mayo was also a victory for the underdogs! Rooting for gemologist!

  7. What fun! I have relatives that live near Saratoga, NY. One of these visits I'd like to go to a horse race. Have fun and good luck at the derby!

  8. Oh how beautiful! My daughter also rode English... fortunately she stayed with it through her teen years and did very well in the competitions for Hunter, dressage, and cross country... I miss those years!

  9. that is D.Wayne Lukas?

    I am a decorator; and my clients the Jones' from Oregon had him as their trainer. what do you think of him?

    I guess you like him; and that is why you showed him????
    I don't know much about this!

    Beautiful pictures....and good luck!!

    thank you!

  10. Gorgeous Marsha,

    Dear heart, I saw your comment early yesterday from my school computer and I am not able to respond from there. I also had a family emergency last night and was unable to visit anyone, but I SEE YOUR GORGEOUS HAT BELOW!!!!!!!!! How gorgeous is this!!! Thank you for visiting me.

    I LOVE HORSES. And though we did not grow up with horses of our own, it only took a couple of times being on a horse as a child at my uncle's California ranch to put the LOVE in my blood for these magnificent beasts!!!! I agree, once you ride or encounter the sweet side, you are smitten for life. Dearest, I JUST HAVE TO PURCHASE SOME DAY, those fabulous aqua droplet earrings of yours from your shop. I have had my eyes on them for months and many times when someone is offering a giveaway on their blog and they use your logo, those beauties always come up in the photo and I just have to have them someday. Things will be tight for a while since I quit my job and will only be a substitute next September. But I hope my art will allow me to find another venue to make some cash!!!!


  11. What a beautiful part of the country. We'll be watching the race. Our favorite for some strange reason is usually the underdog.

  12. Hi over from Yvonne's neck of the woods. Your post is beautiful. Are you going to be at the Derby? I used to go when we were younger but I had rather watch and bet at a party just down the road from Churchill Downs than actually be there. Getting too old for all those crowds. Kentucky is such an exciting place to be the 2 weeks leading up to Derby. Love your blog.

  13. The horses and farms are so beautiful. Thanks so much for showing these beautiful glimpses. I love the gorgeous white horse "dressed I believe for dressage". I have always loved horses too and have been fortunate enough to have been an owner too. We have an Arabian Horse farm not far from us and I love to go and watch them.

  14. I would love to be able to attend the Derby! We watched today and LOVED the race. Your pics are gorgeous. Horses are magnificent creatures. XO, Pinky

  15. These are really amazing photos! I love it, Here in the Philippines, great horse racing happens at Santa Ana Park which is hosted by Philippine Racing Club


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