Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The King of Hollywood

what can I tell you?
I'm in love.

but, it's OK cause I love BOTH of them

Brad Pitt at the Cannes premiere of Killing Them Softly

I love him because

no one knows his politics as he's not in your face with it
he loves Angelina
he loves his children
he gives back
he's real

I hate it because
he hasn't won an Oscar

maybe this year will be his

go here to read the Cannes story & see the rest of these gorgeous photos.

yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm star-struck.



  1. He's charming!!! I love the Ocean's movies SO much!!! And I think he is the star in them!

  2. Oklahoma boy makes it big. Cherry Kay

  3. He is pretty darned cute!

  4. And lyour forgot to say that he is sooo handsome, it's a pleasure just look at this beautiful face.
    Have a nice Thursday!

  5. Yes, I've been in love for a very long time with this hunk! He is wonderful and I have forgiven him for leaving Jennifer for Angelina. He should win an Oscar soon, hope it doesn't happen like it did to Paul Newman and give him when he was old, or to others when they're ancient for their long careers, lol.. We'll cross our fingers it doesn't happen to this TOTALLY GORGEOUS, TALENTED HUNK AND GOOD GUY!!!!!!

  6. Don't forget... he's totally hot! xo

  7. He is the real deal....I cannot lie. And his cute looks don't hurt his admirable persona either, nope not one bit!

  8. Aaaahhhh................... I am a very,very,very big fan of Bred Pitt!!!

    He is one of the mostlyt talented and absolutely wonderful man:-)))*

    Thank you,my dear Marsha for share it!!!

    LOVE and my warmest hugs to you,

  9. What's not to love, handsome, loving and giving, really a wonderful all around guy and he doesn't seem to take himself to seriously and he's freaking talanted. I wish him huge luck for this year he needs to win!


  10. What a guy!!! I wonder WHO is in that red DRESS???????????????????????? WOW!!!


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