Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Those Interlocking C's.....

chanel cruise

drawing by Karl Lagerfeld

the following from Fashionista HERE

"Karl Lagerfeld sent his 2013 Cruise collection for Chanel down a “runway” at Versailles yesterday. Barely recognizable models strutted in candy-colored wigs and quirky pastel looks that were Marie Antoinette-meets-rock & roll with very short hemlines. The collection definitely turned heads and inspired a wide array of opinions and questions–like what exactly was Lagerfeld thinking about when he conceived it? Apparently, it was not Capitol fashion in The Hunger Games.
The always quotable Kaiser told WWD, “It’s Coco rock, not rococo.” That’s cute, but what does it mean exactly? He goes on to describe the collection as “very rock” (which we see a little bit in most of his collections) and “not at all 18th century,” though, obviously, there were 18th century elements and, you know, the show took place at Versailles.
Despite Chanel’s disdain for mini skirts and denim, both of which definitely feature heavily in this collection, along with some even morerisqué pieces, Lagerfeld reveals that the collection was actually inspired by his predecessor. Apparently, some of Coco Chanel’s designs were inspired by a figure from a Watteau painting that she dressed up as for a masquerade ball in 1937. And that’s what inspired this collection. “With one little thing like this, I make a collection.” He makes it sound so easy, and explains his plans for next year’s Cruise spectacle with the same nonchalance.
The location: Deauville, to celebrate the centenary of a Chanel store there. He plans to “hire a train, have dinner on the train, do the show in a ballroom and go back at night.” Oh, no biggie, he’s just going to transport the fashion industry by dinner train to Deauville.
Can we come? "