Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beat the Heat

I read Sande Chase's post today over at A Gift-Wrapped Life, she was telling us
about how HOT it is in Canada.  Imagine?  Hot in Canada?
As you know, I live in Texas.  It's always HOT during the summer & anyone who
can get away from the city during July leaves...for Vail or Aspen, Colorado to the music festivals,
to Cape Cod, to Seattle or Victoria, or to Europe.
This year it seems we're all in for it.

My son has always been a surfer, he's now teaching the 4-year old grandson how to surf.
I know.
So these photos made me smile today.  No wonder they want to "get out there."

Me? Well, I need a sun hat, big & floppy, big sunglasses, a pareo, a big pile of magazines,
and a cocktail.  And, oh yeah, some frozen washclothes passed out by the waiters.

just saying...