Monday, July 30, 2012

Game Changers....

turquoise for fall/holiday?

YES !!

paint your townhome azure?


Guys in Florals?

You Bet !!

loving how fashion trends can catch on big-time,
and change our concept of what's right for the next season,
don't you?

I know, I know, we don't all follow trends, but I think these are worthy ones.

don't the buds in buds look wonderful?
somehow they all look young and refreshing and not too serious, even the tie
made me smile and 5 years ago I would have said NO...

why not wear turquoise?  A color which flatters everyone on the planet.
wear it at Christmas with RED, nothing wrong with coral & turquoise is there?

& all of you know I would wear every single bracelet in the top photo exactly like the pic.
put on any old rag and those accessories take you over the moon.

you too, Lisa....
(my girlfriend @ Privilege, staunch conservative in every way).

hey, it's neither fatal nor permanent...

I can dig it ...