Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Georgian Revival...

via Lonny

love love love the black floors and almost everything else,
but that small mirror?
decorator-people explain this to me, please.

& this, I think, is perffect...
love the low-slung proportion of the furniture to the high wide display of the framed maps.

what say you?



  1. Love the black flora and everything else, but I agree, that mirror just looks mean! X Sharon

  2. I say absolutely beautiful! And I am not a designer--as you well know!--but I would guess that the smaller mirror is in proportion with the relatively low ceiling...?

  3. Dearest gorgeous Marsha,

    Love the pilasters, the table with oversized urns and books together but not so hot on the frou frou edging on the tablecloth. I love a low slung chair when reading.



  4. This home is absolute perfection! Love the unexpected splash of pink!

  5. Actually I'm wondering why the fireplace in the first image is so overwhelmed by heavy things? The urns are huge and the pots along the top are to heavy for the weight of the fireplace. I'm with you though love the living room with the maps!

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  6. I love both of the pictures…truthfully, I think the mirror and the fireplace would look a lot better without all of the heavy urns on it! Then it would seem in proportion. But then again…what do I know?! It was fun to see these pictures anyway! Have a great Sunday!

  7. I agree with you and Debra. The pots are overwhelming on the mantle and I think the style or size of the mirror is too harmonious with the mantle. I love the wall of maps in the third image hung salon style. Lovely.

  8. My thinking about all this (& I'm no interior designer) is that the proportion is completely off. The tall mouldings, rectangular in shape, call for a simple gold or black framed piece (art or mirror). Look at the 2nd image and you will see all the vertical wood mouldings (pilasters/columns) going up to the ceiling. To me, that round pointy hideous mirror is making the entire room seem off. Maybe if there were a tall, rectangular piece we would like the pottery better?

  9. I love the dark floors and that gallery wall in the last photo is perfection. Personally, I don't like too many accessories and cannot live with clutter so I would clear off the mantle.


  10. Scale is so odd in this angle of the room!!!! Beyond that mirror, which I agree is just WRONG.... does the tiny stools at the round table bother anyone? They seem so odd and impractical it bothers me to look at them. I agree too...the low slung sofa? and the maps work beautifully!!

  11. So Sorry!

    The scale is just "OFF" to my eye! You are so smart to see the is only the beginning......the leaves....Lordy!

    Just deliver me! I am such a fan of "correct scale" and it is disappearing with so many other things that make beautiful houses and cozy rooms!

    I LOVE your blog zoo much!


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