Friday, July 6, 2012

My Reader....

well, I mean my Google Reader, all the blogs I follow...
the number of unread posts continues to go up up up.

I am so struggling with this, mostly because I feel it is not polite to just leave them there unread.

do any of you feel this way?

there is always so much to do.
you see, I'm never bored. in my life I've never been bored.
I'm interested in everything, and once interested I need to ferret out more details,
all of which takes time.

but the blogs I follow are owned by people I care about very much,
so I feel obligated to read what each of you post every single time.


stone path.
via (chestchest)

and sometimes I wander around, I'm sure you do this too...
just poking in to say hello, giving a quick cursory look-see, trying to make certain I don't miss a thing.

and you know how you can mark ALL the unread posts as "read?"
I just hate this.  
but when the numbers reach over 1000+ I recognize I will
never be able to see all of the content.

now with the fashion blogs that's OK, 
but with blogs of a more personal nature it just freaks me out !

I have been super super busy with my website, ordering Fall/Holiday jewelry items,
new handbags, adding scarfs (the really long ones to wrap around),
& designing my own pieces, which will need to be created, then photographed,
then uploaded to the website, in time for the arrival of the Fall season.

all of this creativity is taking time away from keeping up with my blogging,
my posts are suffering, and I am missing all of your posts.
the only good news is that like this beautiful image above, we will have
beauty returning soon to Splenderosa.

you know, it's hard to create when you're interrupted.

I know each of us has this same occurrence, and I would really like your help
in telling me how you handle it.

the wise owl told me to "just go ahead, erase all the old posts, you can see them anytime
you visit that blog by going backwards."



my grandmother, the indomitable Mom-Mom, told me once:
"never hurry, you lose elegance."

maybe once again she was right.

I'll be posting, 
and as soon as I can make it around the world, 
I will be visiting each of you one at a time.