Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rooms with a View.....

Elegant coastal bedroom.

A neutral color palate has a barely-there feeling that won’t take the wind out of your sails.

The wall color seamlessly blends with the sky, while the white bedding echoes distant clouds.

don't you love the casual elegance of these rooms?

nothing forced, just finely designed casualness & comfort.



  1. And this very fresh and absolutely amazing look from your window to outside .............!!!

    SO cute:-)))*


  2. OK the first one is missing only one thing...ME!! With a view like that I might never leave my bed:)

  3. How gorgeous Marsha .... I wouldn't mind a couple of weeks in any one of those rooms !!!! Hope you are well and enjoying the summer. Much love. XXXX

  4. Hello Marsha

    What a view and room. Like Jacqueline said, I would love a couple of weeks here too

    Helen xx

  5. I agree with Tina…the first is spectacular! I could live in any of these rooms and be content for a long, long time!

  6. I love every one! Nothing like hearing the ocean as you drift off to sleep.


  7. Please where is that beautiful place? I wish I could transport myself there now! As you Marsha long for the end of Summer, we long for it to begin. Melbourne has experienced one of its coldest and wet Winters in some years and took us all by surprise! Only now are our days getting lighter (despite our 4 degree mornings!) and we can see Spring around the corner!

  8. Um... I think I got lost looking out at the view! I had to go back and look at the rooms when I read your words. What a hoot for an interior designer, huh? xx

  9. Casually elegant indeed...and it couldn't hurt to have an ocean view.
    XO Victoria

  10. I would like to be there right now! I need a vacation!

  11. Marsha, those are totally, totally gloriously beautiful. Wow.

  12. That they are. Loved the movie too.
    I am drawn to water. Could never live in the wild west. You can book me in, anytime.


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