Monday, August 13, 2012

Winter Whites....

loving the long, draping pant and this awesome shirt...
the vests are lovely, but I get cold upper arms so I've never really worn one, have you?

this outfit would pretty much cover the Texas winter season...
we don't get too cold for too long usually...
but with it being 103f yesterday it's even hard to think of Fall/Winter.

going with my guy to radiation treatments every single day at 1pm, at the
Methodist Hospital in the Texas Medical far it has been easy for him & we
are certain of a complete cure.  
it's an ordeal, believe me, but time is the only thing I can give this wonderful person
& I feel certain it's what I should do right now.

when you say your prayers add REK to your blessings, I know this will provide for his




  1. I will so add your man to my prayers. I've gone through the same thing to many times with family and friends. I pray for his quick return to health!

    As for the vest, yes, I have several sleeveless vests and love them. NH winters are weird, if there's snow it's warm, if not snowing it's freezing. I save the vests for snow....;)


  2. Adding your husband to my prayer list. God is good and miracles do indeed happen.


  3. Marsha, I've evidently missed some of your recent blogs since I've not heard about your guy's health problems. I trust you will have nothing but wonderful results. Regarding the vests: I live in Louisiana so we don't have severe winters (if we have a winter at all) either, but I love to wear a faux fur vest. We do spend several weeks in the north with our son and family and find the vests provide warmth and versatility. They also dress up or down. Love them.

  4. Dear Marsha, keeping you and REK in my thoughts and prayers.
    Much love,

  5. 103F? Wow! Too hot to wear this white vest I imagine! Good week to you my dear. X

  6. Hello Marsha

    I love the outfit you featured. I have one vest - it gets a little wear.

    I am delighted you asked and shall definitely keep both REK and you in my prayers.

    Helen xx

  7. Dear Marsha, You and REK are certainly in my thoughts and prayers for a quick and complete recovery. As for vests, I too would not find them warm enough and don't own any for outer wear. I do have some to layer over shirts that I have had since bell bottoms were in style but -- for obvious reasons -- I don't ear them either. Why do I keep them you ask? For the pattern it adds to my closet and for the memories they hold.
    Hugs to you my dear,

  8. It´s not normal..............SO HOT?!..................

    I hope you are ok,Marsha?

    Yes this winter much white,black and more ''earth'' colors:-)*

    But white stay as mostly cozy,pure and shic color ever!


  9. Our best to you and your husband at this time Marsha. The power of positive thinking can do wonders. I am always happy when vests are back in they are great for our climatte here in CA as well.

  10. Prayers going up for YOU and REK!! KS


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