Saturday, September 15, 2012

Odds & Ends...

Within one weekend the weather in Houston has changed from the dreadful heat of
summer to a more temperate time (for most it would still be considered hot at 85)...
and with this change we have rains, big downpours which we didn't have at all last year.

The lack of rain caused the most serious drought Texas has seen in my lifetime, and what used
to be the lushness of Memorial Park close to downtown Houston is now a tragedy.
Some say close to 80% of the trees perished.

News_Memorial Park_dead trees_field

Here's something to think about: Memorial Park comprises nearly 1,500 acres inside of the 610 Loop, almost double the size of Central Park in New York City. It ranks 25th in terms of the most visits per year of any city park nationwide.
Home to a golf course, tennis courts, running paths and numerous other facilities, the park is perhaps best known for its heavy forestation.
As CultureMap recently reported, early approximations of the tree losses may have been grossly understated. Sixty six million dead trees in the greater Houston area may have been an underestimation.  (this a direct quote from one of our publications).

So it is with happiness we see so many young Houstonians hard at work donating time and
energy to help with reforestation.  I think they will even work out a program to sell some
of the logs from the felled trees to other Houstonians as remembrances, and there will
be an additional pathway which will be laid with stones bearing the names of all the
contributors.  This is nice.

And, so we are having the beginning of our Fall weather, which is
glorious, everyone is outside again riding bikes, cooking on the grills,
having friends over.

For me, Fall is always the time to rethink my wardrobe, which has become
very simple.  I used to have a complete excess of apparel.  Well, of course, I did.
I worked at Sak's 5th Avenue!
The same reason chefs are overweight is the reason I had too many clothes.

Now, the accessories are the key to my wardrobe being up-to-date.
I still buy only good quality clothing, but much much less.
Black needs to stay black, and the only way to assure this is to pay for it
one time, or to buy it over & over & over.
Escada pieces, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Etro & The Row
are the elements I mostly choose.
Because they hold up, don't wrinkle, and look like $1 million all the time,
even years later.

Example, I saw a woman at the vet's office a couple of days ago...she was wearing 
an Escada pin-striped pant suit.  Perfection.  And, I know that pant suit was
at least 10 years old.  

Anyway, shoes, handbags, shawls, scarves and JEWELRY,
these are my main purchases each season.


loving these new necklaces,  coming  today to the shop


& we have added scarves, shawls & cardigans

36" chain necklace with bronze druzy stones,
comes in all colors including black

I'm wearing all of these pieces, they look so beautiful & will go so many places.
Layering on the long chain necklaces, adding long pearls & so forth.
This look works for all us tall gals.

Houston Texans play tomorrow,
We cheer for Denver now that Payton is there (after Indianapolis let him go!).

Happy Weekend Everyone

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