Monday, October 29, 2012



WHAT are they trying so hard to cover-up?

Any one of us can find information online about this
tragedy, but we won't find it on the mainstream media
TV shows.  Why?  I really don't know, except it could
change the way people view our current president.

The simple fact that the 
President of the United States of America
& the
Secretary of State of the United States
paid for an ad on Arabic TV stating how
dreadful the "film" made by someone
in Los Angeles was, and apologizing to them if it
insulted or offended anyone, 
is complete utter nonsense.

Statesmen do not do this.

Panderers do this.
Naive people might do this.

As an American who has lived in the Middle East, and
travelled far & wide all of my life, I am insulted
by the lack of understanding our president has of
the world and it's people, and I am furious that his
advisors would advise him to do this belittling thing.

Belittling to us, the American people, who are the
most generous, accepting, understanding and
accommodating people on Earth.

But, mostly I am afraid of the coming election.

Master of the Universe, can you hear me?

ANYONE can be a better leader than the leader we have.

He had no experience when elected.
He doesn't lead.
He doesn't make decisions.
He pontificates.

The way I think right now is that about 1/2 of my readers
will disagree with me, and the other 1/2 will agree.

Is this the way our country should be divided?
Approximately 1/2 of us are NOT represented at any
given time?

 Please think carefully when you vote.
Our country will depend upon it.

 Hope & Change?
Yes, I'm hoping for a BIG change.

following is an email I received about this post:
How disappointing it is and baffling to read your comments about the "current president".   Which, by the way you haven't the courage to name him, I assume because you want to make sales.

I don't know how to access this President since the Republicans, and you, I guess, immediately said NO from the beginning.  How much further along would this country be if they had been more concerned about their own districts than defeating a black man?  As in the case of divorce proceedings, a judge will say to the parents, you must love your children more than you hate your spouse.

I am a retired teacher, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother.  The world is changing, our country is changing, the white population is lessening and we must adapt.  By the way, I come from a Republican family; my father ran for sheriff in the mid-fifties as a Republican.  That party is gone; replaced by one filled not with logic but with hate.

I feel sorry for you.  And all the others who feel the same way as you.  By the way, I assume you go to church on Sunday?  But not apply God's principles on Monday?


Patricia Nixon

my takeaway on the Benghazi incident has been that our country abandoned
the very people we sent to that station to do the work of the USA.

4 American died at the hands of terrorists,
they died over hours of continued battle.

no help came, no help was sent.

those brave former Navy seals gave their own lives saving lives of others.

I have been in tears every single time I see the images, and can only
imagine the agony of their families.

May God hold them gently in His arms for eternity.