Sunday, October 28, 2012

Seasonal Creativeness X10

now, tell me this isn't the most precious thing you've ever seen?

this is the type of thing I would do when my children were young, and I guess
I'll do again when my little grandchildren are older...
spend hours making artistic projects for each season.

to delight them and me too.

on these, maybe I would have hollowed out some section of the design so
a little votive could be inside.

new earrings & necklaces on the website,
accessed by the icon up there on the top right,
+ tons of wrap bracelets...
all in time for holiday gifting .



  1. It's refreshing to see something which is unexpected on the pumpkin. No cats, or bats, or ghosts - just the treasures of the sea. xx

  2. I love the pumpkins Marsha :) The stencils.. there is such a variety these days!

    Enjoy the festivities of the holiday!


  3. Good morning sweet Marsha! I am finally done with those shoes and maybe we can talk early this week. THANK YOU for your kindness and I hope your package arrives safely today or tomorrow by the latest!!! LOVE TO YOU, Anita

  4. I miss those days, the excitement of picking the biggest pumpkin, and spending hours with my son carving it, then planning the costume for trick a treating...where have all the years gone?

  5. It's possible they cut an opening on the bottom for the votive (I do that). Also the membrane's probably thin enough to cast a glow and prevent the sea winds from blowing it out. Great pic! I will be sharing this with my nautical friends.


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