Thursday, October 4, 2012


leopard print bag

leopard print

leopard print!!

this is too lovely to leave out.
the Dior bag, well, really everything is perfect.

colorful leopard print

Leopard print & gold!

animal print

XSive Animal print

animal print bow

isn't this Jean Shrimpton?



  1. Hello Marsha, can there ever be too much leopard darling? I think not! I'm still not tired of it. Such great examples. Hope all is very well in Houston this week? You've now entered the greatest time of the year! Much love to you xx

  2. Love a touch of leopard or cheetah, I have a scarf that I have had for years that I still wear and it is a staple in my wardrobe! Great images, love your eye candy,

  3. Love the spots...! The model sure looks like Shrimpton, but I don't think it is her... Shrimpton had a very high arched brow...

  4. Anna's coat looks stupid but the Dior bag and her entire outfit is splendid. I so enjoy your posts. Thank you for finding and sharing with us.

  5. Leopard print NEVER goes out of style..does it?! I love your photos and the choices you've posted. Hmm and I never thought to do a leopard tablecloth..divine!!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Glad to know I am in the company of leopard lovers as well as ladies who can still remember the beautiful Shrimpton. My vote is no this is not her, the photo is too new and the nose different.

  7. Love these glamorous! I love a touch and think leopard spots are a quick fix to add much needed jazz or sophistication in an outfit. Just bought a skinny leopard belt and I have a Milly leopard blouse thats years old but that I love now as much as I did the day I bought it (too bad its a little

  8. I like the animal prints, but I am in love with the Dior fuschia coat...looks its best with a waist that tiny, though.
    XO, Victoria

  9. A little leopard is classic!! I have a lightweight leopard raincoat that I wear frequently that never fails to solicit compliments wherever I go! And I'm pretty sure that isn't Jean Shrimpton, one of my ALL TIME favorites, but she's definitely go the look!

  10. Came across a wonderful leopard belt online at Lands End site...I will go back to buy it and now to find a scarf. I also love the place mats.

  11. ADORe,totally adore this image with a pink coat and black bag...............!!!

    Sending my love to you,Marsha:-)))*

    Have a wonderful weekend,my dearest friend,

  12. I adore leopard and you have some great options for us! Have I been asleep at the wheel or do you have a new header? I love it! I have been on vacation and not up to date on my blogs!


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