Monday, November 19, 2012

Table Settings + 2 More, Inspirational Ideas

just think, you could even serve apple juice like this & it would become special.

of course, for me it's always "in the presentation."

I begin with the concept, work it all out in my head - down to the tiniest detail -
& when the actual entertaining happens I relax and have fun...

well, except for that time years ago when at a HUGE Christmas party in our
home, the band members ate most all of my beautiful buffet !!

I didn't even realize this was happening until all my guests began to depart,
and I'm wondering why they're going so early...
one of my girlfriends told me what happened...
that's one thing I didn't plan for, you know?

I'm already washing all the crystal, have taken the entire bar apart,
and  am even re-positioning artwork.

have a lovely week, I'll report back in & let you know my status...


Our Houston Texans (football team) is now 9-1 (9 wins, 1 loss) !!!
Houston is stoked.
They play Detroit on Thanksgiving day, which will have a lot to say about
our dinnertime.  
This is the 1st time ever our team has done so well.
So we're dreaming, hoping, wishing, ......

New England Patriots are doing OK too, have 3 losses which they
lost by an aggregate of 4 points.

& Peyton in Denver is sailing along too. I'm cheering for them because
I think it's just terrible that Indianapolis let him go after so many winning years
with her as their quarterback.