Sunday, November 25, 2012

Window Shopping

this post is for those of us who DO NOT live in NYC...
lovely window displays from the big stores, a gift themselves to everyone fortunate enough to see them.

my favorites so far

Henri Bendel

Bergdorf Goodman
the Ziegfield Follies theme
go here to see even more beautiful windows


  1. It's so tempting to jump on a plane and scoot over to NY from Melbourne just to see these windows. They are like no other windows at Christmas are they? Not Paris, not London, not Melbourne. xx

    love that nutcracker music!

  2. Looks as a miracle..............!!!
    Wonderful windows:-)))*


  3. We are going to be in NYC this December. My husband and I have visited before, but it will be a first for the boys, and I have never been at Christmas time. Thanks for this beautiful taste of what we have in store for us! x Sharon


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