Monday, December 10, 2012

New Splenderosa Designer Necklaces


There is no photograph which can adequately capture the lustre/luster of real pearls...
and these are real...
Freshwater Silver/Gray Coin Pearls
fashioned into flowers embellished with crystal beads,
strung on multi-strands of
Smokey Quartz Rondelles
Sterling Silver Clasp

Luster is essentially the reflective quality or brilliance of the surface of the pearl nacre. 
The more lustrous the pearl, the more it shines and reflects light and images

We have this in White Coin Pearls as well.

The necklaces measure approximately 2" wide, and are 3-dimensional.
They are about 20" long, and can be fashioned to hang below a crew neckline, 
like perfectly for a sundress or a lower neckline outfit.
They can also be worn exactly at the crew neck length or higher.

Myself, I would even wear one with a tee, jeans & a jacket. Seriously.

We haven't offered anything new from our Designer Collection in a few months,
and I am very proud to present these 2 to you.

At wholesale a strand of coin pearls cost about $120, and there are about
2 strands in each necklace.  We have purchased these from one of our
fine vendors who only make jewelry by hand, and are pleased to offer them to you at

$395.00 each

Many more photos available.

Email me if you are interested

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  1. OMG I love that necklace SO much!!

  2. Luscious, I would absolutely wear it with jeans, a tee shirt and a jacket! Is your site playing the dance of the sugar plum faries on my computer?? Merriness!

  3. You necklaces are really amazing! I love love your designs!

  4. OMG!
    This necklace is gorgeous, just like all you post here!
    Have a nice Tuesday.

  5. Marsha that is an absolutely beautiful necklace! It really caught my eye!


  6. WOW! What more can I say, love those!!
    xo Karolyn

  7. They are just stunning! The freshwater pearls are so beautiful clustered together.

    I loved peeking into your gorgeous home. What a stunning home. I can't imagine how fabulous the views out the back are with all of that glass and on acreage too!

  8. LOVE you new pearl design,Marsha!!!

    Looks absolutely awesome,and truly this necklace should took a general place in the Christmas outfit!:-)))*

    Like your Christmas music so brings me to a wonderful virtual world,
    Thank you,

    Much Love,

  9. Stunning work! Congrats, Marsha, this is splendid!

  10. Love Marsha! And this is soo generous. Her things are beautiful and she has such an amazing eye for things of beauty. Love the Designer Necklaces, off the top of my head, can see it with a pair of black slacks and a favorite off white lacy blouse I love...yep that would be the perfect crowning touch! Am a follower already of Marshas too.


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