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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Something Magical......


RIP - All the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy.
Charlotte Bacon, age 6.
Daniel Barden, 7.
Olivia Engel, 6.
Josephine Gay, 7.
Ana M Marquez-Greene, 6.
Dylan Hockley, 6.
Madeleine F Hsu, 6.
Catherine V Hubbard, 6.
Chase Kowalski , 7.
Jesse Lewis, 6.
James Mattioli, 6.
Grace McDonnell, 7.
Emilie Parker, 6.
Jack Pinto, 6.
Noah Pozner, 6.
Caroline Previdi, 6.
Jessica Rekos, 6.
Avielle Richman, 6.
Benjamin Wheeler, 6.
Allison N Wyatt, 6.
Rachel Davino, 29.
Dawn Hochsprung, 47.
Anne Marie Murphy, 52.
Lauren Rousseau, 30.
Mary Sherlach, 56.
Victoria Soto, 27.
Because I cant find the words to express my grief for everyone affected by this. (x)

(via TumbleOn)

A Christmas Story 

It snowed forever. 
The town square, usually filled with travelers and trades people joyfully going about their business, 
was empty, and strangely silent. 
The stores and taverns, once warm and inviting, were now shuttered closed, 
and the cold, gray winter seemed as though it would never end.
 Any flicker of hope was lost, buried under a thick blanket of snow. 
No one smiled. No one dared to dream. No one cared.

At the edge of town, in an old wooden shed, 
a single, tiny candle burned, glowing softly against the cold and snowy night. 
Slowly, as the hours passed, the candle's flame grew stronger and brighter. 
By midnight it had grown bright enough to escape the old wooden shed, 
and began to light up even the darkest corners of the town. 
Curious citizens, stirred from their winter slumber by the strange light, 
began to emerge from their homes and move towards the edge of town, and the old wooden shed. 
They were soon followed by people from other towns and other villages.
 All were drawn by the light emanating from this ever increasing flame. 
No one could reason why the light existed, but that didn't seem to matter. 
As more and more people arrived, the candle's flame grew higher and stronger, 
until it was the brightest light visible in the night sky.

Over time, the light from this tiny candle's flame 
spread beyond towns and villages, beyond cities and countries, and beyond boundaries and borders. 
For those who were lost the light became a beacon to guide them safely home.
 For those who had no hope the light gave them reason to believe. 
For those who had no joy the light gave them love.

In just one night, this simple, tiny candle forever changed the world.

this is a special post for Yvonne Pratt & Sandra Bennett
who believe, as I do, that anything is possible when you possess 
only goodness in your heart and that when you shine brightly enough
you will light up the world around you.

shine on, my friends...



  1. Marsha, you are kindness totally and fully! My head is shaking, sideways, because I (as usual) haven't a clue why you would think of me but, thank you for this honor. It is an honor, anytime someone shows kindness and love. I am totally flustered.
    God bless you dear one, now and always may His hand of grace be on you, yours and the work of your hands and heart.
    Merry Christmas with love and prayers.

  2. Marsha, this is beautiful and just what I needed! Thank you for sharing such an inspirational story.

    Happy holidays to you and your family. I hope that all is well with your husband and that you have many many more wonderful years together.

    Best wishes, Elizabeth

  3. This is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this. Have a wonderful evening!

  4. Marsha, I can hardly see the keyboard for my tears. What a beautiful story and such a humbling and touching note to me and Sandra!
    You are my constant, faithful friend and I love you, dear one!!!
    Be blessed... and shine on!!

  5. This is beautiful. I believe in the same things as well. BE what you want others to feel. I want to wish you a very merry and blessed Christmas, Marsha. XO, Pinky

  6. De très jolis mots... qui émerveillent le début de ma journée.
    Merci pour ce partage. A mon tour je vous souhaite de joyeuses fêtes.


  7. SO true, just when you think life seems so dark, that one light can bring peace to the world!
    Thank you for sharing at a time when we really need this!
    xo Karolyn

  8. I needed to hear this sweet powerful story... Thank you for reminding me the true meaning of life, love and friendship

  9. This is beautiful. Did you write it? I love it! I too believe anything is possible when you believe it! Thanks for such an uplifting message. xo

  10. SHINE ON....!!!

    It´s just one of the beautifulest post from the last time,my dear friend Marsha:-)))*

    Thank you SO,SO,SO very much!
    You are light,talented and kindnests person ever..........

    LOVE you and send to you my virtual Christmas hugs:-)*


  11. What a beautiful story......love the meaning. We all need just one small flicker of life to keep us going and I think of the very dark road for all those in mourning over Newtown CT. and hope they somehow through this horrific tragedy are finding the light somewhere, no matter how small......so tender and poignant.

  12. Marsha

    Thank you! Just what we all need right now! Beautiful! You are so dear.

  13. You give such a gift of beautiful hope!! What a gift you are to all of us!!!!
    We are grateful!!!


  14. You give such a gift of beautiful hope!! What a gift you are to all of us!!!!
    We are grateful!!!



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