Friday, December 28, 2012

The Impossible Cool...

kenny lane apartment

(via The Fuller View / Pinterest)

A young Marlon Brando during the filming of A Countess from Hong Kong. 1966.

When in doubt… get tweed!

brad pitt 20 Brad Pitt: once a mini Fabio (21 photos)

I’m Dean…’9

Dean Martin:
I swear famous actors from the past had so much more style.


Hendrick’s Gin

I've met both Sean & Pierce in NYC, at separate times, 
both complete gentlemen,
both impossibly cool & wonderful.
this is a revised reprise of a post, "Impossible Cool,"   
done in 2011 which you may find HERE


  1. omg lucky girl to meet these two gentlemen! wishing you a wonderful new year 2013, darling! xo Caroline

  2. Met Mr. Connery on the sidewalk outside the Plaza Hotel, he was staying next door, there were 4 ladies from Texas & him, he went with us to the Sherry Netherland bar for a drink. Met Mr. Brosnan at the Plaza Athenee bar where we were both staying. Unplanned, unexpected and memorable.

  3. Chanel should've used that shot of Brad for the No 5 campaign! Love how the black Labrador's face pops up. Funny manly decor too, have been watching lots of old Bond movies here. Happy New Year, sweets. X

  4. How fun to have met all of these gentlemen! I've only met Michael Douglas and Elvis! LOL! Actually was on the cover of a magazine with Elvis…but I was just 4! Loved this post! GORGEOUS images!

  5. I think you nailed it, but is it OK to admit that Brad Pitt leaves me cold? All rest are hot stuff in my opinion.

  6. Hello Marsha

    I think you met the two finest of the finest gentlemen.

    I met Rod Stewart at the Pierre Hotel in NYC. He is charming and a great conversationalist.

    A very happy and prosperious New Year

  7. I would have been so mesmerized I might not have been able to speak, and that is NOT hard for me:):) LOVED al these guys!!!! Happy New Year, Marsha. XO, Pinky

  8. I love Rod Stewart !!
    And, Pinky, I'm never speechless...must be the Italian in me.

  9. Love the "old" gentlemen like Sean, Gary, Dean and...and....they just went better by the year.

    Not so mad about the "youngsters"...but - everybody a son goût :)

    Great images, great post, dear Marsha!

  10. Be still my heart! Love the saying at the beginning and then Sean, love him! It just kept getting better and better love them all!


  11. Cool indeed...I must like bad boys...because I have to admit that Brad Pitt makes my heart flutter...Happy New Year, Marsha.XO, Mona

  12. Great post! So great that you meet Sean and Pierce-I love it when celebrities are nice- it is a bonus when they happen to be hotties!!!


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