Sunday, December 9, 2012

This is Where I Live....

in the Memorial Area of Houston, Texas

view from inside the double front doors, across the corridor into the
living room.
these pics were taken by me, and are far from wonderful.

looking to the right side of living room

antique piano bought for my daughter when she was about 11,
I love the sun shining through the branches.

view into back garden area (where a whole lot of work needs to be done).

view into one corner of walk-in wet bar, showing the ONLY Christmas
decorating I had done, the candies & the red napkins...:)'s

the bar is just inside the front door to the right, so directly across the
corridor from the living room and next to the formal dining room
(where major work is now being done on the lighting)

the home has the best floor plan for a 1-story house I've ever seen, you don't have
to walk through any room to get into another room, it's glass all across the back and you
have a beautiful view to the property which is about 1+ acre.

it's so funny how one day you look at something and it seems in need of a facelift,
a new look...when before you thought it was wonderful.
the face lift stage is where I am now.

more images to come.

Merry Christmas, my friends