Friday, January 4, 2013

I Have Taken to My Bed...

have the most horrible virus infection known to man.
I can't utter one word.  Seriously.
nose stuffy, throat raw, ears, eyes...all waaaaay bad.

so, finally, I'm pulling the covers over my head,
sending out for the right food, having others mail my packages,
and getting MAJOR Rx's.

you guys take care, when this stuff hits don't waste time,
go to the doctor pronto !



  1. If that is the bed which you have taken to, I'd gladly welcome the sickness. Not really, but it is lovely! Hope you recover very soon!

  2. Marsha, Very sorry about being ill. May you recover and be well.

    Emergen-c helped me.

    God bless,
    d on the kansas flint hills

  3. Oh poor Thing! So sorry to hear about these 'news'. And I do hope that you will overcome the flu very quickly. Just stay in bed, hot milk with honey and a dash of hot whiskey or Rum or....and Echinacea! which is a natural antibiotic and can work like a miracle!
    But it looks like the whole blogworld is more less ill.

    Just notice that I have missed you amongst all New Years greetings, worked my self through the blog world and was sure that I've send you greetings as well ????

    So, here and now:
    All best wishes for a very good, inspiring, creative and
    Take care,

  4. I'm so sorry to hear Marsha. I hope you got Tamiflu Rx!
    That stuff really helps. I'm fighting a vicious cold, but its not turned to flu yet. Rest and fluids as they say, good reading but more important good Rx makes all the difference.
    I'll be thinking good thoughts for your speedy recovery.

  5. I am so sorry!!!!!!!! It seems everyone has something right now! Stay hydrated and REST. I adore that bed, hope it is yours!!!! Big hugs, Pinky

  6. Oh, Marsha, I have it too. Actually, I have had it on and off since the first week of December. It has come back so severely I am now on antibiotics. I hope you feel better soon and that is is short-lived!

  7. Marsha...I'm sorry that you are not well and I hope that you bounce back quickly. I am thinking this may be the year that I get a flu shot...

    Take care ~ Terri

  8. This is the worst type of illness...I absolutely hate it, however to be sick in splendor...humm I may trade my day job for this bed

  9. This is the worst type of illness...I absolutely hate it, however to be sick in splendor...humm I may trade my day job for this bed

  10. I am so sorry that you are not feeling well. Seems like everyone I know is coming down with something. Hope you feel better soon!

  11. So sorry, Marsha! Get well soon, but meanwhile sleep and fluids is the way to go. You've got me fantasising about that dreamy bed now!

  12. Really sad to hear this. I sure hope you are taking it easy and getting a lot of TLC. Feel better soon!

  13. You poor thing Marsha, there are so many horrible viruses around this year. I hope you are lying in a bed every bit as pretty as this one and that you get better very soon

  14. Oh dear, oh dear! It seems like everyone, everywhere is falling ill at the moment. I wish you strength right now! In France, we drink liquid zinc and it works miracles. Please do whatever it takes to heal your precious self.

  15. Hello Marsha

    Get lots of sleep and rest and get well soon. Sounds like you have sought medical help and have all the remedies. Lots of liquid, ginger ale is good.

    Helen xx

  16. Marsha, I am SO sorry! Some sort of crud has been going around the East Coast as well; schools are closing and there are thousands sick. Take care of yourself...take as long as it takes and don't let it become worse.

  17. So sorry, Marsha! When I had the stomach flu last week I literally took to my bed as well and pulled the covers over my head as I was freezing and yet had a fever of 101 plus. It was truly miserable…especially running to the bathroom every 30 minutes for 13 hours straight! Bless your heart! I hope this is over with before long! Love you and am praying for a speedy recovery!

  18. Get well soon! Isn't it nice to know all these folks care about you?

  19. Take it easy and rest the body and mind.

  20. Be good to yourself dear Marsha, hope you heal soon, but No rush at all, we will wait as you recover. Best wishes and love,
    Colette xx

  21. Take care, and get well soon. xo

  22. You poor thing. Around here it seems everyone is sick, when we were in the ER for husband, the dr. said this is the worst flu season she has ever seen. Now I think I am getting sick too...ugh! All you can do is rest, drink drink drink to flush it out of your system, and whatever meds work for you (lots of vitamin c) Hope you are on the mend very soon!

  23. Feel better.......Heal well
    Love Jeanne

  24. Get well soon Marsha. I've been sick something similar since 23 Dec. Christmas was a complete wash-out!
    Take care xx

  25. Oh,´s so terrible news...:-(

    Your Birtday an beginning of 2013,SO sorry...

    I sending you my warm hugs and wshes of helth,my dear friend!
    Be careful and safe,please...:-)*

    LOVE you,

  26. Oh my is it the Flu? You need chicken soup and a good dose of occicilium! Its some homepathic stuff that I swear cuts the time in half of staying in bed!! I think any health store even wegmans has it! Get well soon!!
    xo Karolyn

  27. So sorry you are down. Stay in bed and get well. Soon!

  28. Marsha...take care of yourself! My husband had and still has the crud. He never gets sick and has been sick basically since thanksgiving and is still hacking and well

  29. Get well soon! I am coming down with a cold. We will all have to send each other virtual chicken soup!

  30. So sorry you are not feeling well. Rest and recover, and do as you are told, we will all be here when you return.

  31. I work for an ENT so I know how this has effected so many people! I lost my voice and felt awful too! But our office was going through a difficult time when the doctor had to let the office manager go. She had overspent her welcome and was cheating, lying and being dishonest. The doctor let her slid until his peers starting calling him on on it! She was seriously trying to destroy his practice. She is mentally ill. I have felt it from the moment she came on board six years ago! So sad and very tragic.
    I hope you are all well now. That viral junk is mean and hits hard!
    My sis is dealing with it now and she is 120 miles away from me!


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