Monday, January 21, 2013

Northern California

Mendocino, California

photo of Mendocino, CA

photo of Mendocino, CA

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Perched on the bluff overlooking the river and the ocean, 
the town of Mendocino is not only classically picturesque, 
but it is also one of the best examples of a vibrant historic landscape 
where people carry on everyday lives 
amidst the delightful and enduring legacy of the 19th century.

The overall harmony of the streetscapes and the consistency of the historic townscape 
have their roots in the foresight of the citizens who in 1971 
placed this town on the National Register of Historic Places. 
One of the earliest district nominations in California, 
this helped preserve and acknowledge the importance of Mendocino, 
a place that figured importantly in the development
 and the economy of the Redwood coast following statehood.

Most historic districts in this country consist of small sections of a larger, 
more developed city, but historic Mendocino is the town itself 
and this creates a dynamic that is evident as one walks the streets.
 While visitors come to enjoy the historic townscape,
 the residents are also using the post office, the library, the school, 
and the grocery store. 
Even the more recent additions
 seem at home and do not detract from the character 
and feel of this once bustling lumber mill town.

The pathways, the hills, the empty lots, the orientation of the town,
 all ground us in the present while at the same time transport the visitor 
and resident alike to an earlier time when towns were walk-able and human in scale.
 The views both near and far are composed of vernacular, 
yet sophisticated buildings, water tanks, cemeteries, dirt paths, 
overgrown vegetation, and colorful gardens all set amidst 
the rocks, cliffs, ocean, and the mouth of the river. 

Whether familiar with the town, or a new visitor, 
the historic landscape will reward those who take the time to appreciate
 this rich and diverse landscape.

The town has a world-famous music festival in summer,
you can find information about this online.
If you're interested you should definitely make reservations and
purchase your tickets early.

I love this area because of the ocean, the beautiful redwood forests are like
the forests primeval, it is truly breathtaking.
There is so much to see in this area, you establish your base camp and
go driving around in any direction, even up the Russian River where you
will find artist's galleries, wonderful tiny cafe's, and shops.

+ it's Sonoma County....
the wine country's finest area.

the bridge at Russian Gulch
on Mendocino Coast

I could so easily live in this friends tell me I would get tired of
being away from a big city, but I don't think so.
Anyway, San Francisco is only a few hours away & a beautiful drive,
at least until you take the freeway.

Doesn't matter where you stay if you visit this won't
be in your rooms long enough for it to matter.
Just get outside, take a camera, sit down & enjoy the views,
and talk to the locals...they are mighty interesting.

as it's getting to be time to plan your vacations,
and if anyone wants to stay in the USA and you haven't been
to the Pacific Northwest, do consider it this year.

We fly into San Francisco, rent a car and head north.
must have a GPS as there are many lonely roads.