Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Great Gatsby

last night I dreamt I was with Michael Jackson in Las Vegas,
he was wearing regular street clothes, but he had a cowboy hat on, a big black one.

there we were inside the casino and no one except me knew it was MJ. 

he kept worrying about an upcoming performance and the weather,
wondering if his stage outfit would hold up.
knowing the perfectionist he was I completely sympathized with him.

the outfit conversation turned to the remake of
The Great Gatsby
& he said he didn't think it needed remaking because it was near perfect before.

I said I would always remember Robert Redford & Mia Farrow
and no matter what the new movie was like that memory wouldn't go away.

& then I thought how wonderful it would be if we could all dress like this
at least one more time.....

finally Michael told me we had to leave the casino, he asked me to come with him
while he got his trailer (which btw looked like a horse trailer to me),
and got ready for his performance...

he said he wanted me to go with him, that I had given him luck and made him laugh.

only then did I realize he was to perform at the


well way back in 1993 I did go to the Super Bowl in Los Angeles,
the Dallas Cowboys vs Buffalo Bills,
the Cowboys won 52-17,
but the reason I went was to see Michael perform live.
the most sensational & spectacular show ever,
& the dawn of a new era in Super Bowl halftimes.

last night I saw the performance again,
from a whole new vantage point, 
and once again it was super splendid.

what's the Great Gatsby got to do with it?
I had to find a way to show this photograph,
which is stunningly beautiful...
and I really did dream about me & Michael.

it's the way I think, just so you know.
crazily disjointed, but always connected.