Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Uber Comfy, Uber Design

I do love this room, but not the side tables and little tiny lamps which are useless.

& this is entirely unique, I admire the idea, just wonder how one changes the sheets?

& doesn't this look like a great way to modernize a hallway,
love the dark wood floors and everything else a lighter tone +
I really like the lighting & the simple curtains taken all the way to the ceiling.

what a nice use of a small space

we have found an old relic of a house on a beautiful piece of property...not too far
out in the countryside...and have decided to make it over into a place where comfy is
the operative word.

a place for animals...all kinds...
for friends
for relatives, for family,
the doors will always be open & we hope the house will always be filled
with happy people.

a sorta down-home Texas house with a Splenderosa touch...
(& no, it will not look like a ranch house).

but, these guys will be at home.
the sheep wool reminds me of my poodle's hair when my poodle needs grooming.

(via grey)



  1. I do love that bedroom, but would also change out the tables; everything else and I am moving right in. Really, I would not get out of that bed for the rest of the day - it is a freezing, damp day here. What fun to be doing a new house. I hope we will see some photos!

  2. What a wonderful project for you and hubby to take on. I can't wait to be part of the whole experience through your blog. I find the last picture pulling me in to sit and enjoy good times with family and friends.

  3. Hello Marsha, I have been so busy and have sold my lovely old home, had a carreer change and have been too busy to blog but I think of you and your wonderful blog often.
    Wishing you and your family good health and happiness
    Bee x


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