Monday, February 18, 2013


question of the day.

does she wear a wig?
it doesn't matter...just imagine ALWAYS having to have your hair just so...
it never changes...never.
& if it is a wig, I wouldn't blame her at all,
in fact, I wonder where she buys them cause this is almost the
way I'm wearing my hair these days.
notice her jewelry?

she wears almost the same with every outfit.
I'm certain they are precious and semi-precious stones
made to her specifications,
& they work perfectly for her, don't they?


nevertheless, I admire her...she's an icon,,
steadfast, never questioning herself, definite, ultra liberal,
a star-maker.


  1. Hi there!
    Here is my opinion!! (I always have one!!)
    This is NOT a wig! No way; you can see her scalp! She has great hair; and a great hairdresser!

    MY QUESTION of the day is those necklaces! I am obsessed with them!!

    I ADORE them! I do not think she buys them for herself!

    I have a different theory! I think each one is a present from her "beau" (who met her at a dinner party and they both got divorces to be with each other!!!) After one dinner party and a "coupe de foudre"!

    And he keeps giving them to her! She started out with one!

    Sheesh! Cant we get some investigation going???

    and the last picture "smoking" is not her!~ an actress? It is not her! Not the nose; not her!!!

    It is a "wannabe" copycat! That is not HER! Look at her nose; look at her mouth! (I am only allowed to bet a "cookie") (after my mother overheard me betting "a million dollars" in 1957")!!!
    about somethingorother!! She saw that as a dangerous trend! Indeed!!

    I want to hire a private detective to find out about those necklaces!

    You are the jeweler "extraordinaire! They have been accumulating since she first started dating Shelby Bryant!I

    I want some!

    the first one seem like semi-precious; and she varies the number she wears......this woman is "uber-stylish"!!!
    The newest ones seem maybe to be "rose-cut diamonds.....OH MY HEART!!!!


    I think that is my new goal!! Just those one at a time!!

    1. Penelope, Mr. Bryant is from Houston, they come here often, I think.

    2. it surprises me not at all that Mr.Bryant (totally divine BABE!!) is from Texas!
      I have never been to Houston! I am just a fan of Texas!! Warm, wonderful people!

      Houston is my new frontier!


  2. Oh P.S. And the last picture IS a wig!

    But it is NOT her! (look again! She never has that "expression" on her face! NEVER!!!

    I "WOULD BET A MILLION DOLLARS" (but I'm not allowed to!) that that is NOT her!

  3. I'll bet two million that is not her. Look at the glasses, not the same and look at the lips.

    But.....I want those necklaces! Stat! More info please.

    1. How funny! We would win , of course! Did your mother tell you not to "bet"? I will be 66 years old day after tomorrow! And my mother seriously told me 62 years ago (I was betting a million dollars at 4 years old!!!)
      "You are only allowed to bet a 'cookie'!"

      And I have followed that my entire life! Once; I bet a "cookie", to a woman who was so certain she was correct!

      I was correct; and this enormous thing arrived at my door; from (Neiman Marcus)!!

      A cookie tower as tall as I am!~

      Lovely! The card said; "I was wrong!"!!!!

      what a lovely lady!!!!

  4. No definitely not a wig, she has very good hair and 24 hour access to a stylist who makes sure its always immaculate and in tip top condition. She has been very clever with her "trademark" look making sure she is instantly recognisable and indeed iconic.

    Oddly enough I am just putting together a post on her right hand woman Grace Coddington, have you read her book yet? It's charming.

    1. "Grace"!! I haven't finished it; however, it is one of the best books I have read in years!!

      Divine! There is a reason she has in charge!!

      It is a "cautionary tale" to young women who are "risk-takers"!!

      I have sent it to all three daughters!

      43,48,and 49! I am probably safe!

  5. I came to leave a comment that the last picture was not her, but looks like a few readers saw that before me. I have a friend that works for Anna and says she looks gorgeous every day.

  6. I also don't think the last image is her ;-)
    I know AW has a huge following and is somewhat of an enigma. I often wonder if Victoria Beckham adopted her new scowl in an attempt to create the same kind of enigma that AW has (and who VB has admitted to being in awe of ;-) Just a thought xx

  7. I love Penelope's comments! I agree the last pic is not her!

  8. It's her hair and she is fantasic(:
    Nice post my dear, ciao z

  9. Good question! It does look like a wig, anyone her age with such great thick hair is rare. But since she is pretty close to perfect in more ways than most, she has probably been blessed in the hair department as well.

    p.s. my daughter has a very similar wig to this, and it does have the center part where you can see her scalp. most good wigs offer this now.

    1. Maryanne, I agree with you about the good wigs. Also, no matter what access she has to stylists, etc. I think her hair would look different from time to time, and it doesn't. Also, as you said, it's SO thick.

  10. It grows out of her head!!! In N YCity my friend (from the beginning of the very first blog (not called a blog) David Patrick Columbia took me to lunch and I walked 12 inches away from her head looking down! You have to remember; I am a decorator of 43 years!
    No "wig" gets past me that close! I promise. I don't mean to brag; but I will! "finishes is EVERYTHING" in antiques and decorating!"
    And I can spot the very best "toupees" (dear Lord I feel so sorry for those men who wear them!!)

    And you can have a $25,000 dollar wig on; I can tell! Brag I must! Her hair is her hair! She lucky to have it; most interesting; she got the great style for her face while she was in London; she worked for French Vogue ; Sy Newhouse brought her to the United States; and she took over House and Garden; and she renamed it HG and took it down its last fatal path!

    After her disastrous term at HG (it went back tio House and Garden) before it died!

    Then she was made editor of Vogue; displacing (no warning; she saw on TV se was fired as editor )

    Grace Mirabella was a great editor of Vogue!

    His " blog" (not called then)!!! Take a peek! It is not just parties! He has the best "social commentary " I have ever read for our era! (no wonder! we are "in it") He is a wise commentator if it when we are in it!

    It is the BEST!!!!

    No fake scalp is going to fool me! "finishes " I do! I know!

    But everyone is right......that last pic. not her. How wonderful that so many others saw the same thing!

    We all love your blog!

    I am so happy my hair doesn't need to be perfect! (way too much time with the dryer!

    Most importantly! Marsha! I KNOW YOU CAN SOURCE THOSE NECKLACES!

  11. My daughter and I watched the documentary on Anna (off of Netflix). We are not fashionistas by any means but it was fascinating to take a peek into her world. I love her style but I didn't realize she often wears that particular necklace.

  12. I think she has a hairdresser that blows it out every day. Lord I'd love one of those. She has great hair and those necklaces? You're so right. They work with everything.

    And I agree, the smoker is an impostor.

  13. This whole conversation is utterly outrageous! That's why we love your blog Marsha! Totally for us girls! N.xo


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