Sunday, February 17, 2013

Best of Show...

well, you guys know how much I LOVE this look,
I mean, of course, the beautiful poodle dressed in her Mulberry Fall 2013

to me, the Mulberry collection for Fall just fell.
too many big, oversized tops with cropped pants.
they may work in London weather, but for the most part this will be
accessory pieces, or buy one piece of something, not the entire outfit.
buy, hey...sometimes I'm wrong...maybe the younger girls will take to this.

Movie Reviews

& speaking of "show" I saw "Skyfall" last night,
the best 007 movie in a long time.

it actually has a story with some meaning, there are character changes,
big major ones, and some touching moments along with the action scenes.

I would definitely give it a thumb's up !!

racing to see "Argo" before the Academy Awards, may have to watch it on my Kindle,
but a tiny screen is better than no screen, right?

& has anyone seen "The Sessions" with Helen Hunt?
honey, baby, sugar-pie, this is waaaaay far out there...
definitely hard to watch sometimes, but the message is so poignant it makes one weep.
still, I don't know if I would recommend it.
but, I hated "Fifty Shades of Gray" too.

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, everyone.
going outside to think how to re-do the hedges, which have taken over the property.
I think of pruning as absolutely necessary, though I do it with manicure scissors...
our gardener thinks entirely differently, he has a motorized machete!