Sunday, February 17, 2013

Best of Show...

well, you guys know how much I LOVE this look,
I mean, of course, the beautiful poodle dressed in her Mulberry Fall 2013

to me, the Mulberry collection for Fall just fell.
too many big, oversized tops with cropped pants.
they may work in London weather, but for the most part this will be
accessory pieces, or buy one piece of something, not the entire outfit.
buy, hey...sometimes I'm wrong...maybe the younger girls will take to this.

Movie Reviews

& speaking of "show" I saw "Skyfall" last night,
the best 007 movie in a long time.

it actually has a story with some meaning, there are character changes,
big major ones, and some touching moments along with the action scenes.

I would definitely give it a thumb's up !!

racing to see "Argo" before the Academy Awards, may have to watch it on my Kindle,
but a tiny screen is better than no screen, right?

& has anyone seen "The Sessions" with Helen Hunt?
honey, baby, sugar-pie, this is waaaaay far out there...
definitely hard to watch sometimes, but the message is so poignant it makes one weep.
still, I don't know if I would recommend it.
but, I hated "Fifty Shades of Gray" too.

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, everyone.
going outside to think how to re-do the hedges, which have taken over the property.
I think of pruning as absolutely necessary, though I do it with manicure scissors...
our gardener thinks entirely differently, he has a motorized machete!



Acquired Objects said...

Chop pants around here in the fall or winter are definitely out we would freeze. The look is cute for the runway with the poodle. I'm smiling about your gardener we just had a couple of guys up here working before the snow and they used big machinery.

Have fun outside Marsha!

Sarah said...

It's the poodle that gets "Best Dressed" in my mind. I'm with you on the oversized tops and cropped pants.
Roses and just about every shrub was pruned yesterday. Time to get on with spring here. Hope I'm no surprised with a sudden freeze. You never know in Texas!

navy and orange said...

love this for fall!

xoxo navy & orange

Thistle Cove Farm said...

gosh, those are movies I'd like to see, especially Skyfall and glad to know you've given it a good review, Marshal.

Designs By Pinky said...

Love, love, love the first jacket. My girlfriend saw Argo last night and LOVED it! Said it will be "On Demand" on monday. Have fun outside, it is FREEZING here!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lordy! That poodle is bigger than a miniature; and smaller than a Standard! It is called "caniche'; and it was my very first and completely beloved dog!

The dog was the best part of that fashion show!

and men and mechanized clippers or saws need to be separated from each other!

You will love this! We bought my "dreamhouse since I was 13!!!) (it is in the book "the Los Angeles House" by Tim Street Porter (seeable on my website); the friend of my mother's who lived there spent $100,000 dollars a year (remember we sold it 16 years ago; we lived there for twelve years! (this is 28 years ago; and for many years before) paying for the hedges to be trimmed by hand!

She did not want to see "any leaves cut in half!"
The tree people came to us, and asked if we would like to continue in the same philosophy!

Well; yes, we would like to; but there were lots of leaves cut in half! We had lots of hedges!

What a lovely luxury! (Her maiden name was Merrill as in Merrill Lynch, Pierce Fenner and Smith" (originally!)

Marsha; you are the best!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

It's London Fashion Week over here Marsha ........ some lovely pieces and some not so lovely but always edgy and different.
I don't think that the models look very good in those Mulberry pieces so goodness knows what I'd look like !!!! XXXX

cindy hattersley design said...

I agree with you....the only good thing is the poodle! Ick!