Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Do Women Dress Like This Any Longer?

I composed this post about a month ago, not certain when I would actually post it to my blog.
Interestingly enough, today as I flipped through the March Vogue I came across a
major editorial piece entitled
"Strong & Sexy Suits, To Rome With Love"
photographed beautifully by Mario Testino (who else?)

Do Women Dress Like This Any Longer?
& if they do, where are they?

just wondering, because this is just so beautiful it's hard for me not to think
of wearing it.

Or, is it because I've worn it that I feel this way?

(via grey)

would you younger ones feel pretentious?
would you feel you were not part of the pack?
does it look like your mother's clothes?

imagine being in NYC or San Francisco or Chicago,
it's cold, you're wearing a winter coat & boots, with the
fur thrown around the shoulders of your coat,
upon arriving for lunch the coat goes off and the fur piece
goes over the suit.

to me it's simply beautiful
(& practical too).

or how about this beauty below?

Ralph Lauren

and if we won't wear the above,

is this, below, the new iteration of the classic suit?

D&G fabulous X10

to tell you the truth, I am NOT a jeans girl,
never have been, never will be.
I know, I know.  EVERYONE wears them, they're IN!

but I prefer the greater elegance of a beautiful slim trouser which wears
like iron, doesn't wrinkle, doesn't pick up lint, always looks perfect
(like Escada or Ralph Lauren, because of the fabrics).

jeans and my behind are not friends.

seeing all the Fall 2013 runway shows makes me take heart,
most of the major designers in New York are showing suits,
like Zac Posen, Donna Karan & DVF, 
with proper hosiery and unmatching shoes with LOWER heels.

so it's looking good..

anyway, how about it?
do you ever see anyone "dressed" like the top 2 photos any more?