Saturday, February 23, 2013

Houston Looks Like This Right Now....

azalea in full bloom everywhere you look...
it is really a nice time of year to be here

All azaleas are rhododendrons but not all rhododendrons are azaleas. Azaleas have been reclassified and are now in the genus Rhododendron.


sure signs of Spring

so the gardeners were here today, laying down mulch, getting the beds
ready for my springtime flower planting...
it's therapy, you know?



  1. I saw one large white bloom on one of our Azalea bushes…I was shocked! It's too early…isn't' it?? I hate that there blooms are here today and gone tomorrow!

  2. It's such a beautiful time when the rhododendrons and the azaleas are in full bloom. We are way behind you Marsha and they won't be out until May so we have a little time to wait for the big show ! Meanwhile, we are all freezing over here !! Roll on Spring !! XXXX

  3. Les signes évidents du printemps ne sont pas encore chez nous... ce matin la neige avait recouvert le sol et le froid perdure...
    Il fait bon d'ouvrir votre page et de me laisser à rêver grâce à vos merveilleuses photos fleuries.
    Gros bisous

  4. I am sooo jealous. Here all we have is dirty snow, that isn't moving..ugh! I am so anxious and ready for spring, its not even funny!! Enjoy the big show tonight glamour mama.

  5. Oh I envy you, here we are still dealing with winter. The smell of fresh mulch would be such a welcome for me now.

  6. I'm sure Causse will make you a divine pair of bespoke gloves to garden in Marsha. Only the best of course!x

    1. Are you kidding me, Paul, my dear? I have my own very special "look" for gardening...a pair of Bermuda's and an old Gap tee. :)'s

  7. Marsha, those pictures are so beautiful. Here in Southern California we have to work really hard to keep azaleas looking good. Would love to be strolling the path in your first picture.


  8. Oh,Marsha,dear............HOW much I want to be there,by you!!! Just in this gorgeous flower time,OMG!!!

    LOVe the last one image so much;-)))*

    Thank you for these beautiful post!!!

    Sending to you my warm hugs,

  9. Are you kidding...the azaleas are already blooming? How beautiful!

  10. Gosh, I can remember going to the Ima Hogg estate when the azaleas were in bloom
    in River Oaks. Guess that estate is long
    gone huh? Sunday was a horror, Snowed all day and night.
    Beautiful post.

    1. Oh, no, Yvonne. The estate is now owned by the Museum of Fine Arts and is open to the public on certain days. You enter from Memorial Drive (not via Lazy Lane in River Oaks) & the Museum has built a new building on that side for a gift shop and continuing education on Americana). All is well.


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