Friday, February 15, 2013

Moody....A Photo, A Room, An Outfit

I've searched for the author of this piece of photography, which I found on
no luck, so if anyone knows please let me know.

but, isn't it just beautiful?

I've thought about living in a loft space, I love the open-ness, the high ceilings,
and urban access...I just don't like the fact that my dogs would have no grass, you know?

& what could be more perfect for urban living/loft living?
this outfit.

Ralph Lauren,Fall 13

loving the paint color, the sort of worn leather sofas, the slight hint
of oriental, along with a crystal & gilt's moody, isn't it?

& this outfit seems to fit in perfectly with the decor...

Lela Rose, Fall 13

new jewelry arriving next week,

dog tag necklace, 
waterfall necklace, 
cascade post-back earrings, 
spikes with crystals bracelet

to reserve, please send an email

have a wonderful weekend my friends, it's getting closer to Spring every day...



  1. The Lela Rose outfit is gorgeous! so is this incredible photograph
    have a great week end, F.

  2. Marsha,dear,I´am agree with you about this image....just beautiful:-)*

    And your choices are everywhere SOooooooo special wonderful,it speaks me so very much!

    I wish you too nice weekend,

    Here is also beautiful Spring coming so close...
    Keep your warm:-)))*


  3. Beautiful photograph!! Your posts are always so beautiful. Love all your music.


  4. All of your posts are so beautiful!! Love your music.

  5. the photographer of the first pic is Maria Jaeger


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