Friday, February 8, 2013

Outdoor Spaces

his & her pools?


Poolside fireplace


Backyard bliss

A little spring in the middle of winter for you! :)

Patio View, Lake Como, Italy
photo via pat
Lake Como, Italy

seaside, Florida

I have a little challenge in front of me...doing something with a
large barren flagstone courtyard leading out to an immense back garden
with a free-form pool.

the almost square space is surrounded on 3 sides by our soft contemporary house.

at the open end of the space there is a open pergola running across the top & making 
a walkway around the right side of the back of the house.

I'm thinking hacienda-looking, tons of large pots, painted black perhaps,
with a center rustic table & some chairs with cushions.

this area can be seen from all 3 rooms surrounding the courtyard, of course,
so it needs to be inviting & comfortable.

major problem, in summer it is a furnace out there.

act like money is no object...
what would you do to this space?
(if you can visualize it with the tiny bit of info I've provided).

help, please.....