Monday, February 25, 2013

The BEST of the Night ....

my original thought was not to do anything about Oscar night,
however, there has been such a lot of comment about Jennifer Lawrence's Dior gown I
thought I should make an appearance here.

for an actress who is 22 years old I simply cannot imagine a more appropriate
outfit than this Dior gown.  it was a mis-step causing her almost-fall on the
steps as she made her way to the stage...she recovered beautifully & with much style.

below, the same gown

worn by Natalia Vodianova photographed by Karl Lagerfeld 

for Numero Magazine

I would say this is a pretty good indication that this gown
is loved by the fashion people.

Natalia Vodianova

she changed to this one for the Vanity Fair After Party

Jennifer Lawrence, 2013 Vanity Fair Oscar party

so, what did you guys think?
about all of it?