Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What's Not to LOVE About This?

Oscar, Fall 2013
longer hem lines are definitely here, take note.

this is Mr. de la Renta X10
when you're up close to his clothes you appreciate the richness, the fineness of his fabrics,
but in addition to this he has a flair, a femininity, a look, that most American designers
do not.  like Donna Karan does the jersey one else does that.

they say on that a few of the pieces, especially the 1st ones down the runway,
definitely had John Galliano's hand.  
we can only hope so, as he is surely one of the finest designers/artists to ever.
(it's time to forgive him, I think).

everyone is raving about the 2 ball gowns which were last in the show, very
very embellished & opulent.  I'm not raving.  I think they look like Carrie Underwood's
Grammy outfit...just too much.

longer hems...what do you think?
will you lower yours?


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  1. I think you have to be really careful where the hem falls. If it falls too low on the calf I think it can make the calf look really chunky. It takes some playing around with I think ;-)
    Hope you are well lovely lady xx


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