Sunday, March 3, 2013

Advice Needed, Please Please Please....

you know how there is always a slight disagreement between men & women
about home decor, landscaping, etc.?

imagine you were looking for a home to purchase on a large (1.5 acre) lot,
with a house, somewhat dated in decor, but VERY well-built...a large (about 6500 sf)
soft contemporary, cooper roof, high ceilings everywhere, a gigantic master with sitting room, his & her baths, 1 story home with walls of glass overlooking a free-form pool
and the grounds.

the house will be priced about $3 million.

upside:  the home is located perfectly, close to everything, in a beautiful neighborhood,
and in the best school district in the city, and also very close to excellent private schools.
at 1st blush anyone would walk in the door and be delighted with the room sizes,
the ceiling heights, the open-ness and the divine floor-plan.
the house is beautifully decorated in a soft contemporary style, which was all
done about 25 years ago.  lots of pastel colors.

downside:  the landscaping is overgrown, there are no spots of color, leaves have
been blown back into the beds, there is no definition around the perimeter of the house,
the shrubs have grown, voluntarily, out from the fence line anywhere from 15' to 50' over a period
of 27 years.
patio furniture is worn out.
around one side of the house NOTHING has been done, the trees, plants,
vines have overgrown the pathways and when they are trimmed the groundsman
will do the minimum.

inside kitchen, no windows or exposure to other rooms with bright blue & white, boldly patterned
"chinoiserie" wallpaper in the kitchen & utility room.  white cabinets are laminate covered, so cannot be changed by painting, navy blue pulls on all drawers and cabinets.

the house has recently been painted a soft beige in semi-gloss paint, there are beautiful high beamed ceilings in the den, painted soft blue like the sky, woodwork, bookshelves are all
white as original.

garage turned into a work-out room about 25 years ago.


the homeowner, a single man who is 82, has lived in the house for 27 years,
his kids are grown & gone.
he sees nothing wrong with anything, of course.

we are just trying to help.

I told him I would ask ALL of you for your thoughts.

what do homebuyers in this price range look for?
do they want to re-do a house completely prior to move in?
will they live with some things, and do a major kitchen tear out & redo
in a year or two?

please be completely honest, I'm going to show him your comments.

oh yes, one more thing, he has the money to do anything he chooses, there is no time schedule,
he is just downsizing.