Monday, March 4, 2013

Day & Night

Same awesome skirt, goes both ways, does double duty...
when I was at Sak's 5th Avenue this was always something
I would try to do when I had a young client.

I love both looks.

And, it just goes to show what jewelry & accessories can do for an outfit.
I think this is why I'm such an accessories girl.

Give me any outfit...add a scarf, jewelry, bag & shoes and I can travel around
the world and never look the same.
You know?

Maybe add a tiny pink belt around the daytime outfit, just for definition.
It's dressy enough to go almost anywhere in the daytime.

Have you ever done this?
Find an item you love to death, and build around it?
This is my fun now, as it used to be my business.

"DAY & EVENING - SAME SKIRT" by splenderosa on Polyvore

& the real fun of fashion nowadays is that nothing is static,
you can break all the old rules and, hopefully, you will...
cause this is the way to rock now.

Love it !!

Do you?


and you could add this little piece to your wrist with about 5-6 more,
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