Monday, March 25, 2013

TV, The Voice

OK, now we've seen the new judges & the beginning of the new season.

Shakira is beautiful and makes good sense to me.
Usher, well he made Justin Bieber a big star didn't he?  And, he has an elegance about him.
Blake Shelton returns, he's cute countrified, & he has a heart.

But this post is about the last performer tonight, Judith Hill, a really beautiful girl
who was scheduled to be with Michael Jackson on his doomed last tour.

And, it's about THE JUDGE who wanted her on his team so badly he said,
"I'll set myself on fire if you don't chose me."

Adam Levine.

& though all the other judges wanted her, she chose Adam.
I thought she would choose Usher. But.

Adam oozes sex appeal.  It even works on me.  And, I love his music, all of it.
He's got better moves than Jagger!

his home

with his prized 1958 Porsche Speedster, near his home high in the Hollywood Hills.