Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where Does This Go?

the steps look like they were abandoned a long time ago,
but look at the rows of tulips...well tended & loved.

so they had to go to or come from some place wonderful, I thought.

maybe to a setting like this one below...

people relaxing and having fun in a very casual way, unpretentiousness,
where time has stood still for a long time.

& then I imagined the living room of this cozy home,
a mix of things they loved, comfortable & charming.


& this kitchen, with those fruits & vegetables piled up below,
the wild color of the flowers takes hold of the entire room,
a tiny room by today's standards, but adequate for this home in this setting, don't you think?

& what more perfect bedroom for the person who made certain those tulips
were planted and would blossom forth?
enchanting, isn't it?

& for those invited to stay the night this would be their accommodation...
exactly as it should be.

I even love the oscillating fan.