Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Country House Bedroom.....

everything is old.
absolutely everything, except for the bedding.
4x4 & 2x4 posts used for the bedstead, whitewashed, left simple
(sanded just enough to remove splinters).
the flooring is reclaimed from an old abandoned church nearby.

I love it.
& everyone said I was coo-coo to do this to the armoire.

ewa i walla - one-button jacket

 from Swedish designer, ewa i walla

doesn't this look yummy?

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  1. GORGEOUS bedroom!!! Is it yours? I love it and love the clothes and jewelry as well!

  2. Hello Marsha

    Absolutely beautiful and so cool and tranquil for summertime.

    Hope your weekend is very special

    Helen xx

  3. Great inspirations! ... love the white of the armoire ... looks great! happy week-end , C. (HHL)

  4. I love that bedroom too Marsha. So elegantly put together & I would never have thought you were coo coo for a single second. People that cannot visualize simply never understand until they actually see a finished result. That necklace is supreme!

  5. The armoire is spectacular! Of course, I'm trying to visualize the flooring and doors...would love to see close-ups of them.


  6. Of course you were BRILLIANT to "do that" to the armoire!! It saved it!

    You must always listen to your "eye"; and your "heart"!!!

    They are always right!

    You have wonderful taste and a great "eye"!

    Don't ask! They will learn!



  7. I love the armoire and I adore the outfit by the Swedish designer. So comfy.
    Thank you for the beautiful posts.

  8. The armoire is divine!!!! LOVE your style!

  9. GOOD MORNING GORGEOUS! You are so in my list of interested participants for the book. Vicki is a lovely friend, great writer and her book IS indeed a fabulous offering to you all who take a chance in winning. Thank you for preparing a luscious post(s) for next week! Anita

  10. Love the armoire! I dont think it would have worked any other way.

  11. Leslie in Portland, OregonMay 10, 2013 at 12:51 PM

    As one who has great difficult visualizing how a space or a piece will look after it is changed, I really admire those of you who can do that...and to such beautiful effect!

    I love the work of the Swedish clothing designers I have encountered. Thank you for adding a name to that list!

    Have a great weekend, Leslie

  12. Stunning Marsha. You can never go wrong with white.
    Have a lovely weekend Sweets x

  13. Hello there Marsha! I just wanted to ask you if I would have permission to use your lovely header in a YOUTUBE music/slideshow video. If you object to me using it, please let me know! Anita

  14. OH, the YOUTUBE is for our party next week! Anita


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