Friday, June 14, 2013

Announcements, Thank You's & a GIVEAWAY

sometimes good luck comes in 3's doesn't it?

& for me this has happened in the form of receiving
3 of the most wonderful, delightful & beautiful books.

all gifts.from 3 different bloggers

1st from Anita @ Castles, Crowns & Cottages HERE
Vicki Archer's fabulous book,
won as her giveaway on the blog party "France, Simply Irresistable."

one cannot begin to imagine the heartfelt writings of Vicki until you hold this book in your hands,
it will be with me as long as I live.

2nd, another giveaway for the French blog party
from Irina @ Gypsy in Me HERE

a witty observation by an American woman on the ways of the French women.

3rd, from Mariterese, dropped at my door, a copy of
this tabletop book
by Susan Hawthorne of Romancing the Home HERE

this is a huge book, a perfect gift for any woman alive, of beautiful tabletops,
table-settings, recipes for entertaining, and inspiration X10.

I simply cannot tell you how beautiful this book really is.
it can be purchased directly from Susan's blog.

Mariterese, thank you for your amazing generosity !!

this book is sitting where everyone can see it, I know they would want to see it
as it's so interesting as well as beautiful.
wonderful job, Susan, I congratulate you!

and now, on to the giveaway which is happening over at my girlfriend's place,
Maryanne @ The Garden HERE

she is celebrating her 100th post and is giving away a
Aquamarine Colored Stone Flowered Necklace

it's one of Splenderosa's necklaces, so you know it will be lovely.

you must visit her & then follow in order to be eligible to win,
& I encourage you to do so.
her blog is a visual feast for people who love the fine art of gardening and landscape.

it is a treat for me to visit her each post.

we have a very sick Labrador at our house today, Duchess,
she's 12 years old and has been suffering from arthritis for a long time,
+ she has a bad limp on a front leg which is caused by a benign tumor
pressing against her lymphatics.
when we awoke this morning she couldn't move & had tremors throughout her body.
she is at our vet's now, we don't know anything yet.
so the 3 other dogs and us humans are all awaiting word on her prognosis.
we are praying she isn't afraid and that she will be home soon.
light a candle for her, please.