Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Anyone for Neckline Interest?

Sass & Bide 

Spring Summer 2013 London Fashion Week

the above is my kind of outfit for sure

I do really like this little number.

there are some mighty mini skirts in this collection, which I would've worn in the olden days :)'s

but there are also some waaaay fabulous concoctions, not for the faint of heart, which are YUMMY !

on a really negative note....those EYE BROWS are horrific.



  1. Love the black and white outfit as well as the beaded tops. The color play is wonderful1

  2. The long dresses and skirts are realy my favs. for this Summer,Marsha!
    And by this last one little white dress I do love this fantatsic huge bow on the shoulder:)*


  3. Love the fashion but do all those models look like they could be in a vampire movie? Am I just old?

    1. That's why I said I hated those eyebrows! Ghastly, totally ghastly.

  4. interesting fashion ! yes those eyebrows are unattractive !

  5. Those models do look scary... but some of their tops are fabulous... and the longer dresses... Fun... xv

    1. Can't figure out why they made them so fierce-looking. Didn't do it for me either.

      Must say, I loved all the necklaces, so I'm happy to see the big statement pieces will still be around for awhile.

  6. Some cute outfits, those shoes are just not for me.
    Joan Crawford has returned. Have a great weekend.
    You are a lot more beautiful that the models.

  7. Oh my goodness! Just look at those cool and stunning outfits! They are all remarkable! Too bad. I’ve been gaining weight lately and I’m afraid I couldn’t wear these type of clothes anymore. But I’m working on my diet now. Hopefully I could fit on those 3 weeks from now. Wish me luck!

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