Monday, June 10, 2013

Flight of Fancy....

you guys might remember my original "Travel Wardrobe" shown above,
original post with much detail found HERE
and now I've found something I would add to this.

the colors work beautifully with what was originally selected,
this is easy, sharp, totally current, and best of all:
it stays perfect!

something I require about travel clothes...that they stay "perfect."

no matter how long or how tiring it's wonderful to arrive at your destination
looking like you walked off the pages of a fashion magazine, I think.

$123 HERE

BB Striped Ballet Flat
Repetto $192.50 here

& finally Splenderosa's Turquoise Hobo Bag
with Metallic Ring Handles
(also a shoulder strap)
in our shop

now, I would like to talk about style a bit

there are many many girls out there who opt for the "safe"

that's OK, but it's really no fun is it?

fashion is one thing, style is another.

I would like to encourage you to take a giant leap of faith,
faith in my advice :)'s

& try adding a bit of dash with your accessories.
nothing is going to happen, it's neither fatal nor permanent.

buy a couple of new handbags with dynamite punch,
same for shoes
same for jewelry & scarves

take all that stuff home and rehearse your ensembles.

see what hubby says, or daughter or best trusted friend.

get some long necklaces, layer them on.

(I put my jewelry in my handbag before boarding so I don't have to
be bothered taking it all off for security; once through security and seated
I put it on).

there is nothing more fun than wearing UN-sensible shoes,
or dynamite fashion jewelry.

if it doesn't work for you, take it all back.

I want to hear about this, ladies...let me know your thinking, please.



  1. Hi Marsha - I literally JUST submitted an article on packing light for a magazine five minutes ago...all you advice is spot on!

    I do fall squarely in the "safe" camp...I am trying to jazz up my wardrobe a bit, though.

    Enjoy the rest of your day! xoxo

    1. Sandy, this is great news. Please send the piece on to me, I would love to read it.

  2. I made the decision last year, that I needed to liven things up with jewelry and some scarves...nothing crazy at first..just the toe in the water type of thing. I must confess, it is fun and I am getting more brave all of the time!

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    Have a happy Monday!

    1. Keep on livening it up, Sherri! We only live once, go for it!!

  3. You make sound sense Marsha and I've been doing that with my spring and summer wardrobe, adding tons of color. The only thing I can't do is wear sky high shoes like the ones


    1. On the shoes, me either...not that high. That's why the Repetto's.

  4. Just the post I needed, I am going to Bermuda in 10days and packing light is key!!!

    1. Just look beautiful !!!
      And have fun, that all that matters.

  5. That's so true Marsha. I have a separate wardrobe in England because I live there for months at a time,but I switch up the shoes, jewellery and pieces, so effectively I travel light. The things which are acceptable in England, especially Oxford, especially for Oxfordshire country life are so different from Vancouver. Oxford isn't London and people judge and pigeon hole and separate one into a caste system, you know, a social structure. (which is fine if one's a tourist, but not comfortable if one actually wants to live with the locals!) It's a bit unnerving at first but I've grown up with it in Prague, Geneva and other EU countries so can handle it quite well. Sometimes it makes me appreciate the time I spend living in Vancouver

    1. Well, of course, I would have no idea of country life in England and I am certain it's similar to "when in Rome, do as the Romans do." As long as you please yourself, that's what's important isn't it? xx's


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