Sunday, June 16, 2013

Perfect Timing for the Summer Vacation As Yet Un-Planned

Verona, Italy

located about 1/2 way between Milan & Venice,
an easy drive or bus ride,
is this splendid little B&B with a philosophy most of us will love.
a statement from their website:

Living naturally may have different meanings and may refer to an organic food diet, 
or to the purchase of organic products as well.
However, to live organic means first of all to follow a precise lifestyle
A way which, day by day shows you each of your stages in life as a health journey 
directing you towards more health and well-being. 

Living naturally also means taking time for yourself, 
to have a walk for example, to watch the sun going down
 or even to wear a dress and be aware that no child has been employed to realize it. 
It means sleeping with blankets that are 100% natural 
and fabricated without the use of chemical products.

Living bio means to respect ourself and respect nature. 
To live it, and not thinking about how to spoil it.
There are really a lot of things to tell about organic living
but the most important one,
 would be probably to reflect every day on what we are doing and if we are doing enough
 in order to keep ourself, the environment and the whole world healthy and fit.
I've only shown you a tiny gem of a photo, and if you like the idea and want to discover more
please go

& this is Verona

Duchess Report
as of Sunday afternoon,
we just heard from her Vet who was at his office checking on his hospitalized
animals, a vet tech actually lives on the property so there is always someone there,

he says Duchess is much better, however, she still cannot stand up,
he has an IV going with pain meds, they lift her up and take her outside
4X a day.  He thinks she could have had a stroke, but he knows she hurt her back in some way.
The arthritis has ruined her entire spine, the vertebrae  are no longer rectangular, they are
concave, making any stress on her back very painful.

she is in stable but guarded condition,
and he asked that we come see her tomorrow.

the candle is lit.