Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New TV Shows Coming Up.....

photo via Menswear Dog found on tumblr  here
brilliant, isn't it?


yes, I know...from this total wuss of a woman comes this statement.
I also loved The Soprano's

with Breaking Bad beginning it's final season in the next few days,
and all the show's stars making the TV talk show rounds,
we have been thinking how on Earth will they end it.

Brian Cranston & Aaron Paul, the show's primary stars, have said this
show has MADE their careers, but they are sworn to silence on what's coming up.

I see Mr. Cranston in important roles in many movies now, none of which
would have happened if he hadn't been so acclaimed in Breaking Bad.

so, do you guys watch the show?

& if you don't then you absolutely must see a few episodes this final season.

and doesn't that dog look a little like Brian Cranston's character?

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& I've just started a TUMBLR post, 
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