Wednesday, July 17, 2013

She Has NEVER Looked So Beautiful, Has She?

Nicole Kidman by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue Germany

Vogue Germany
Nicole Kidman takes the August edition of German Vogue, one of the stories is photographed by the legendary Patrick Demarchelier with styling from magazine's editor in chief Christiane Arp. Hair by David Babaii, makeup artist Wendy Rowe and nails by Beth Fricke.
Vogue GermanyVogue GermanyVogue GermanyVogue GermanyVogue GermanyVogue Germany


  1. I always thought Nicole was a true beauty ever since I saw her years ago in the movie Dead Calm.

  2. Wow! Truly stunning! I think these are my favorite pictures of her I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh, I love her! She is fabulous with capital letters. For a while she was looking too skinny and not healthy but this motherhood and marriage certainly have brought out a beautiful side of her.

  4. answering your question! NO!! She has never looked more beautiful!

    she has a face we recognize....; a face we love ! Airbrushing (erasing of wrinkles on the photo) is completely fine with me!

    My beautiful mother.......I have "portrait photographs" of her that I treasure! She didin;t ask for was the photographer's art!

    Nicole Kidman; in my opinion, looks completely exquisite!

    Thanks for the great post! Yikes!!


  5. btw: Katie......(comment before mine)! You have quite an "eye"!!

  6. She gets better with age!!!! Just stunning!

  7. She's a stunner! One of the rare actresses of her generation that actually deserves a place on the cover of Vogue magazine. The images, and the fashion are exciting couture!

  8. Okay I am so happy that she has allowed her face to soften again!! These are beautiful shots and I guess it helps to be naturally gorgeous, happy and have Keith Urban as a hubby! !lol!
    XO Karolyn

  9. Each shot is more beautiful than the last! She looks beautiful now, glad her face looks better.


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