Friday, July 5, 2013

The Pride....

mostlycatsmostly: Family (via DP Review)

photo taken in Kenya in a wildlife preserve.
thankfully, these lovely creatures are safe from hunters

isn't this the sweetest?

the pride taking a walk



  1. I just love Lions, my old dog Hogan reminded me of a female lion!! We got our picture taken in Canada a park safari with a baby lion and I will never forget that experience!!
    Hope you are well,K

  2. Beautiful picture,Marsha!
    When I saw this family,I came emotional....

    I wish you very good weekend,my dear friend:)*Hope not so very hot...


  3. Beautiful photo Marsha! I hope you had a wonderful 4 th of July holiday.

    Did you have a good time in Seattle?

    Have a great night and weekend,

  4. What a lovely photo! They (the lions in this sanctuary are safe from hunters.......and also from "POACHERS!!" The are the greatest danger to African wildlife!

    China is the biggest buyer of illegal ivory, etc. provided by "Poachers"!

    I am trying harder than anything to avoid buying anything from China!

    It is extremely difficult! I think I just have to "shop from my closet" for the rest of my life! assistant is a former "supermodel" And she is going to help me!

    No more clothes from China!

    ps just found out....."faux fur" on clothes...proven by dna sampling......dogs and cats.....that is the fur. China! YIKES!!!

  5. So very very beautiful!!!


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