Monday, August 19, 2013

Across the Lake

today we visited Bellagio, Italy, which is just across the lake from our hotel,
you just hop on a little ferry, which is fun in itself, and take a short ride across Lake Como.

one can also drive but it's a long way by car (we've done this before so I know),
& taking the ferry makes me feel like I know my way around a little.

it's just so much better to have no plans, just take your time, wander around a bit,
enjoy the lovely scenery from every direction, walk into the little shops (& shop!),
sit down at one of the outside cafes overlooking the lake and enjoy a small repast.

with a glass of one of the local wines 
& talk to everyone around you.

my friends make friends very easily and we always end up meeting
the nicest people.

Bellagio has arcaded shopping areas, all very old and beautiful,
filled with confectionery shops, luxury shops, crafts from
the area artisans, and an absolutely wonderful hat shop.
the only ugly things in Bellagio are the tourists with no manners,
and who have no idea how to dress appropriately.

this is when the only phrase one can utter is
"Mamma Mia!"

more to come...