Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Is This It?

is this really what we've come to?
hundreds of young girls/women dress like this.
it's like a uniform.
only it's a hideous uniform.

tonight I drove over to our favorite Italian restaurant to pick up dinner, they
have a lovely way of bringing your order directly out to your car along with your bill.
it makes it so easy & convenient for us carry-out people.
this is not a pizza parlor, this is a really nice up-town Italian restaurant.

while I was waiting I saw a darling girl with 2 darling guys get out of their car
and begin the walk toward the front door.

the guys both had on cargo shorts, flip flops, tee shirts.
SHE had on hideous short short tight jean shorts and a tee shirt and flip flops,
the rope kind.


when it's so easy and so inexpensive to dress nicely, why would any young woman appear in public
as she did?

is this the new normal?

am I behind the times?

this is NOT cute, this is lazy and sloppy.

how could any woman think she looks good in an outfit like this?

I mean, I understand being on the beach or at a biker bar, but anywhere else - for me -
this is just not caring.  or is it that they think all the other young ones look like this too?
I've even seen 11 year old girls wear shorts that were WAY too short & WAY too tight,
their mother's say, "everyone else wears them."

I'm clueless, ladies.

how is it that this beautiful women, who is in every magazine, newspaper
around the world, can make such a beautiful impression, look so perfect in her shorts?
you see, it's possible.

this is another one of her shorts outfits.
forget the pricey elements, they can be substituted for more inexpensive ones.

do you wonder the same thing I do?
don't these other girls have mirrors?

and you see what the difference is between Olivia and them?

the grooming, the super-clean hair, the TIME to take care of yourself, personally.

 I'm doing a column soon about the American girls who are polished, who shine.
cause when we do it well no one around the world can equal the look of an
American woman, it's our special way of finishing ourselves.

let me know what you think about the jeans shorts, the ones which almost show the cheeks.
what do you tell your daughters, your nieces?