Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just a Glimpse

a small ladies room in a beautiful restaurant on Lake Como,
everything rococo, soft Italian music piped inside the room,
just enough to cover the "bathroom" noises, which is a very nice touch
for an old building.

the tassel is the detail I loved the most,
well right after the beautiful basin, the mirror, 
& the antique linens laid out for the use of their patrons.

a lovely woman went inside after each use to replenish & freshen,
such a nice touch which I think we've lost in the USA..

there is absolutely no reason to be inside when you're in this
part of the world, unless it's evening and you're having dinner inside.

the weather is gorgeous right now, and the views are breathtaking.

we met a large Irish wedding party last night,
they said it's so inexpensive for them to come to Italy that it's a major 
destination spot for weddings.

the ceremony will be outside, and they invited all of us to come.
unfortunately, we cannot, dammit !



  1. The Irish are so welcoming and inclusive!
    You would have had a wonderful time!
    My father is 1/2 Italian and 1/2 Irish...
    An Irish wedding on Lake Como! (Heaven on Earth for him...and me too!)
    Thanks for sharing such beauty with that cute story!

  2. Wonderful Marsha. Yes, the Irish are very welcoming and LOVE a good party.
    Yes, it is quite cheap for Brits to marry in Italy, Spain and anywhere really in Europe, as long distant flights are not an issue.
    Continue having a wonderful time xx

  3. Beautiful. I love the vessel sink. xo

  4. Elegance and grace are indeed in short supply these days, but thank you for sharing a bit of it all the way from Italy with us today. Bring some home with you and continue to spread it around.

  5. Beautiful Marsha!! Oh dear to die for! Italy is the most beautiful part of the world!!

  6. SOooooooo delight and SO beautiful,Marsha!:)* know,this music again make me so calm!

    Thankyou for being always a big inspiration to me:)))*

    LOVE you,

  7. Dear Marsha,
    Congratulations on your new "Colt" love that name.
    What Made you decide to go to Bellagio? I love Italy,
    everything but rude tourists. I wear a perfume called
    Bellodgia by Caron. Wonder if it got it's name from
    that area. I have friends that went to school near Lake Como.
    I have never been there, heard it is gorgeous. Have fun.

  8. Hello Marsha

    Thanks for the peek into the beautiful restroom. Pity you were unable to attend the Irish wedding as I know you would have given us a great story. Continued joy

    Helen xx

  9. I am sure you are having the most marvellous time... I like thinking of you in Italy... you are so much closer... :) xv

  10. Beautiful room and so sorry that you will miss the wedding, happy weekend!

  11. How lovely and feminine!! Italy must be fabulous!
    xo Karolyn

  12. That is my favorite part of Italy........(very hard to pick!)

    Once; after the "Save Venice" trip (oh my heart!! do investigate!! It is every two years)

    We went to Lake Como! Gorgeousness......low key.....lovely.....and my favorite in the world!

    Thank you so much for this magnificent post!




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